Punjab government files report to Supreme Court on Dadhocha Dam

Punjab government files report to Supreme Court on Dadhocha Dam

The Punjab government has submitted a report to the Supreme Court on the construction of the Dadhocha Dam. The construction of Dadhocha Dam will start soon.

The Supreme Court heard a case for the acquisition of extra land to construct the Dadhocha Dam. A two-judge bench presided over by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah heard the case. The summary submission of extra requirement of land is in process.

The Punjab Irrigation Department presented a report to the court about the construction of the Daducha Dam at the start of the case’s hearing. The matter is due for two weeks.  The court ordered that the parties receive a copy of the report.

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Delay in the Dam construction is due to numerous issues, including land acquisition, litigation, and the project’s complexity. Those issues will addressed and resolve soon to complete the project as early as possible. The construction of Dam is the need of the time.

The Diamer-Basha Dam is ‘critical’ for sustainable growth, according to a report.

It states that a total of Rs2,853 million is set aside for land acquisition. Rs1,773 million going to the Land Acquisition Department for additional land acquisition for the project.

It stated that in response to the Supreme Court’s judgment. The re-examination and amendment for land acquisitionThey signed the land acquisition contract on April 20, 2020.

The Punjab government submits a report on the Dadhocha Dam to the Supreme Court.

The FWO had finished 12% of the spillways by February 20. Meanwhile, the landowners filed a lawsuit challenging the land acquisition process. Following that, after obtaining approval from the Supreme Court, restarted the construction of spillways.

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