RUDA dedicates a new wastewater treatment facility

RUDA dedicates a new wastewater treatment facility

Lahore: According to the information appearing in the top daily on May 19, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) performed a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the first contemporary wastewater treatment facility in Punjab.

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The Minister for Local Government Ibrahim Murad and the Minister for Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Department Barrister Syed Ali Azfar Nasir visited the RUDA office where they were informed on forward-thinking development initiatives that will change the urban environment.

The establishment of the wastewater treatment facility will shortly get under way according to the authority. Imran Amin, the CEO of RUDA, announced that construction on the cutting-edge facility will also begin soon. With the completion of the project, the area will enter a new era of environmental sustainability. The new landfill will be a cutting-edge facility with all the latest safeguards against ecological risks. Out of the 350 acres that make up the new dump site, 50 acres will be used for phase 1.

The CEO emphasized RUDA’s commitment to transforming Lakho Dair into an environmentally friendly park throughout the discussion. He also presented a proposal to improve the area’s aesthetic appeal and give residents a place to relax. Both ministers praised RUDA’s efforts to transform the historic city of Lahore into a thriving contemporary metropolis.

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