RWP Commissioner states that No housing society will directly access Ring Road

RWP Commissioner states that No housing society will directly access Ring Road

Rawalpindi: As only five interchanges will be constructed, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha stated that no housing society will directly access Ring Road.

Also, this was his statement following a visit to the Khalsa Khurd camp office on behalf of the Ring Road Project. The commissioner was present at this event to receive an update on the ring road construction project and to inspect the progress of the work via the by-road connecting Khasala Khudarad and Thalian Interchange.

Nespak and FWO representatives provided a briefing. According to Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta, the perimeter road project is anticipated to be finalized before the designated timeframe. Currently, 15% of the project’s construction work has been finished.

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He advocated naming the interchanges constructed along the ring road in the village’s honor. 53 bridges, 15 underpasses, and five interchanges would be built across rivers, nullahs, rain channels, railroad tracks, and eleven overhead bridges. Additionally, a rest area will reportedly be constructed along the perimeter road.

According to Mr. Chatta, the Ring Road Project is a bequest to the citizens of Rawalpindi, as it will generate employment opportunities for the local populace. He declared that no society would be permitted to pass through the Ring Road initiative.

Five interchanges will be located along the 38.3-kilometer Ring Road. The project entails a cumulative expenditure of Rs 31.7 billion, of which Rs 6.7 billion will be allocated towards land acquisition and Rs 23 billion will be allocated towards construction and relocation services, respectively.

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After planning two project routes during the PTI administration, construction commenced on the primary carriageway connecting Baanth on Grand Trunk Road and Thallian on the motorway. In March 2022, former prime minister Imran Khan unveiled the road’s foundation stone at Thallian. The contract was granted to the FWO.

On August 8 of this year, Mr. Sharif commenced road construction in Rawat after receiving the report.

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