Executive Block Capital Smart City | Investment Guide

Executive Block Capital Smart City | Investment Guide

Executive block capital smart city is the most demanding Block in the community. Capital Smart City provides prospective residents with an unparalleled living experience. Its extensive amenities and features distinguish it from the hundreds of housing societies. Moreover, the society has attracted local and international small and large-scale investors. Its main reason is its top-tier infrastructure, efficient development, and proficient developers and town planners. Also, it is an expansive residential development encompassing a considerable tract of land.

It offers a variety of plots to accommodate the most significant number of homebuilders and investors. Every residential and commercial Block in Capital Smart City features an exquisite assortment of residential and commercial plot divisions. Moreover, it is an expeditiously developing housing development that has received full approval. This blog will provide sufficient information regarding the Executive block capital smart city. So, keep learning regarding its price, location, and master plan.

Capital Smart City Executive Block

Capital Smart City introduces novel blocks into the community to satisfy the growing demand for accommodation and that of investors and end-users. The administration initiated the Executive block capital smart city for this objective. Also, the grand event that marked its inauguration occurred at the society’s location. In addition, the developers provided the attendees with an overview of the premium features and plot reductions available in this development.

Executive Block Location

Customers frequently base their decisions on the location of a given housing development or residential construction block. Furthermore, numerous factors are necessary when determining the location of housing development. It includes proximity to other cities and towns, neighborhood quality, and accessibility. Also, the Capital Smart City Location is at the prime location.

The Executive Block capital smart city has two districts, one serving as the primary district and the other as an extension or division. Furthermore, the executive District One will receive an autonomous entrance from this location.

Conversely, Executive Block District Two is in the southernmost part of the Capital Smart City. Capital Ranches and Sports districts delineate the boundaries between the two Executive Districts.

NOC Status

Capital Smart City is among the few initiatives that have obtained official approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). So, the Capital Smart City NOC is approved. Additionally, it is critical to mention that investing in either segment of the Executive Block is lawful and secure. Housing societies that possess an authorized NOC are more likely to achieve success and investments. Thus, investing here will yield higher returns and asset creation opportunities.


Famous developers are building Capital Smart City Executive Block. Also, both development firms enjoy substantial confidence from investors and end-users alike. Habib Rafiq Private Ltd (HRL) is an exclusively Pakistan-based organization that provides various private and government housing societies with town planning and development services.

Surbana Jurong, another prominent Singapore-based real estate firm, is collaborating with FDHL and HRL on developing the Capital Smart City Housing Society as a consultant. Additionally, Surbana Jurong designed and created the master plan map for Capital Smart City.

Executive Block Latest Development

The development of the Executive Block capital smart city is proceeding at an exceptionally rapid rate. Also, it is noteworthy that the ongoing development efforts are in Executive District One. Nevertheless, the foundational attempt is evident in Executive District Two. Recent construction updates indicate that the Executive Block Sector B mosque has been completed and is nearing completion. Also, the grey structures comprising the Executive Block Sector B Villas have been constructed and are undergoing concluding touches. Lastly, Capital Smart City Development is going at a fast pace. Soon, investors can start their dream living standards.

Master Plan

Singaporean Surbana Jurong conceived the executive block capital smart city master plan. The developers assembled an assiduous group comprising architects, civil engineers, and town planners. Also, designers will produce an impeccable master plan map for the Capital Smart City Executive Block. Furthermore, this Block’s master plan encompasses numerous sub-blocks containing various residential and commercial properties.

Capital Smart City Executive Block Payment Plan

Investors were eager to obtain Executive Block files due to the high demand for this structure. Furthermore, there has been a substantial profit surge since the official introduction. However, upon further inspection, you will be required to remit the entire payment for the plot, including all paid installments; however, you may transition the plot into your name while continuing to make the remaining installment payments to obtain possession and the allotment. Lastly, here is the payment plan for the Block.

Capital Smart City Executive block payment plan

Features & Amenities

Capital Smart City has every conceivable advanced and fundamental amenity necessary for a tranquil existence. Furthermore, the executive Block of the society has every premium and world-class amenity outlined in the master plan devised by the administration. Also, it is to offer Pakistan commercial and residential facilities never before seen.

The following are the conveniences that Executive Block occupants will appreciate during their time here:

  • Water, gas, and electricity provision
  • Smart architecture and resource management
  • A secure, gated block
  • An exquisitely designed entrance
  • Commercial and residential sectors
  • Wide streets and roadways
  • Wide Principal Boulevard
  • Dependable security measures and the presence of security personnel
  • Metro Bus system for transportation between societies
  • Highly furnished Commercial zones.
  • Open spaces and parks
  • Wi-Fi and high-speed internet services

Executive Block Investment Benefits

Executive Block at Capital Smart City is among society’s most advantageous investment opportunities. Also, this is because there are numerous justifications for investing in this subdivision. There are several reasons to invest in Capital Smart City, and here are some of these.

To begin with, the prominent positioning of this Block within the housing society renders it an extremely desirable dwelling site. Moreover, the executive Block is conveniently situated close to various locations in twin cities. And other blocks of Capital Smart City. Additionally, a dedicated entrance from Chakri Road is present. Furthermore, the developers are expediting the progress of the development process. Also, various developments are nearing completion. While others, including Executive Block Villas, are undergoing construction.

Executive Block has approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to eliminate potential fraudulent activities or scams. In addition, Capital Smart City Executive ensures a substantial return on investment. Furthermore, the prices are consistently escalating, which increases the likelihood of obtaining additional advantages.


Developed by the same group that initiated Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City also introduced the notion of smart housing societies to Pakistan. Capital Smart City is a prosperous and renowned housing community on the grounds of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, the society comprises various investment opportunities for residential and commercial plots. Moreover, the executive block capital smart city is the most investment-worthy option among all blocks. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the latest developments and investment guides. So, keep exploring our site.

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