CDA to Plant 30,000 Saplings in F-9 Park

CDA to Plant 30,000 Saplings in F-9 Park

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has declared that 30,000 trees will be planted in Fatima Jinnah Park, F-9, in ISLAMABAD, beginning on February 8, as part of an impending tree plantation campaign.

Following corporate social responsibility (CSR), the CDA also opted to engage the private sector in tree planting within this park and other locations in Islamabad.

“A director of the environment stated, “For the impending tree plantation, we will plant 30,000 plants exclusively in F-9 Park. Companies interested in collaborating are welcome but must provide plants at least 10 feet tall.”

According to him, the environment wing, led by Director General Environment Qaiser Khattak, had issued a directive to all environment directorate wings stating that private companies wishing to contribute trees as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts should be restricted to providing species or plants that thrive in the region’s hospitable environment.

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Sources claim that, in contrast to previous procedures, the CDA is now furnishing private companies with specifics regarding necessary plants. Two letters containing a list of required plants and trees were dispatched to Park Enclave Housing Scheme and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline on Thursday, per the directive of DG Environment.

The correspondence, addressed to Park View Society, asserted that the environment directorate has once more initiated the plantation campaign to continue the tradition of safeguarding Islamabad’s green cover through the active participation of citizens, government entities, and major corporations.

The proposals for the provision of plants for the above purpose are appreciated. To enhance the utility of this donation for the general public, the environment specialists at CDA have compiled a list of plant species and plants that thrive in this region’s environment.

The letter requested that only the plants listed below be considered for donation during the ongoing plantation drive: Arjan, Kachnar, Amaltas, Jacarande, Pilkhan, Sukhchayn, Silver Oak, Chinar, and Sukhchayn.

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In the interim, the CDA informed SNGPL in a letter regarding the ongoing gas pipeline construction that this work poses environmental risks despite serving the public interest.

The letter stated, “Such effects of this work should be mitigated through the joint efforts of CDA and SNGPL.” In addition, it requested that the gas-providing company donate 10,000 trees with a minimum height of ten feet.

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