Updated Guide: Capital Smart City NOC Approved or Not

Updated Guide: Capital Smart City NOC Approved or Not

Capital Smart City is a tremendous housing Project by Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Limited. Rawalpindi Development Authority authorizes the capital Smart City NOC Approval. Therefore, it is an entirely legal housing scheme in the vicinity of the twin cities. Moreover, Capital smart City is locatable on the main Motorway M2, which is relatively close to the New Islamabad International Airport. Additionally, it is a unique extension to have an affirmative interchange that interfaces right to the motorway. Furthermore, the smart city is close to the east route of CPEC. This ensures that the topographical area of the project provides total comfort of portability to the individuals residing there.

The housing scheme is divisible into three sectors; residential, commercial, and recreational. Moreover, the plot size ranges from 3.5 Marla up to 2 Kanal plots. Additionally, this is the first smart housing project in twin cities with smart amenities and features. These features and amenities include a BRT System, Smart Highlights, and adequate artificial intelligence.

Significance of NOC

NOC is a common abbreviation that real estate individuals utilize in the real  for the No-Objection-Certificate. This no objection certificate is crucial for the housing developers and owners.  Since the society deems illegal without approval from the appropriate authority. The developers  provide all the necessary documents to the authority. Moreover, after verification and modifications, the authority provides planning permission to the housing society. After which, the authority adds it to their official list of authorized housing schemes in the vicinity.

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For instance, if a housing society does not get approval from authority and starts construction. Therefore, the authority adds its name in the illegal housing societies of that city, after which the residents have to face legal issues. Moreover, the authority also instructs utility providers to cut off their services from these societies. Therefore, it is evident how monumental and significant NOC approval is. Fortunately, Capital Smart City approval is by the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Capital Smart City NOC Approval

It is one of the legal housing projects in Islamabad, and Capital Smart City NOC Approval by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The housing scheme enlists on the RDA website on 45th number in legal housing societies. Therefore, it is one of the legal lodging ventures in that range. Furthermore, the primary NOC permission to society is beneath modification due to the extra land procurement. Thus, the management is anticipating its NOC for the modified arrange for the amplified pieces within the project. Moreover, developers expect that it won’t be long before the authority provides permission for the vast land.

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Capital Smart City NOC Update July 2021

Capital Smart City has successfully obtained the extended and revised NOC permission of 17,602 Kanal and prior planning permission to develop this area. Moreover, this capital smart city NOC approval is Pakistan’s Largest NOC Approved Smart Housing Project with an aggregate of 25,000 Kanal NOC-approved land from RDA. Moreover, Further land area approvals are ongoing.

Capital Smart City NOC

The management is diligently working for all its investors, future residents, and overseas clients to offer state of the art, ultimately serene living destination with smooth glitch-free bookings, procedures, and allotment of plots. The smart city is advancing beyond its commitments with rapid development, construction, and delivery of smart housing project milestones. Furthermore, This housing scheme in the federal city is steadfast in developing a city within a city and displays that Pakistan is excelling in real estate development and construction and can build one of the most significant smart housing projects.

NOC Grant for a Dedicated Interchange from M-2 for Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City has fortunately received approval from National Highway Authority. The document states that it is a no-objection certificate grant to create a dedicated interchange at KM 332-333 to Future Development Holding for their Capital Smart city project. Therefore, Capital Smart City NOC Approval is authorized for a dedicated interchange from Islamabad-Lahore (M-2) Motorway as their main entrance. Moreover, the executive board of the National Highway Authority (NHA) provides the NOC in response to the application of authorities of Capital Smart City for devoted access from the M-2 Motorway. Therefore, the residents of Capital Smart City Islamabad enjoy direct access from the controlled motorway networks of the National Highway Authority.

According to the agreement, the interchange construct is with the funding of the housing developers, but it will be owned and operated by National Highway Authority. Moreover, the proposed interchange is approximately 10 kilometers from M-2, and no direct tender is announced for construction. Rather a subsidiary construction company of NHA will take over this project.


Rawalpindi Development Authority entirely approves capital Smart City NOC. Therefore, it is an entirely legal housing scheme, and residents will not be facing any legal issues in the future. Capital Smart City is a fantastic lodging venture and investment opportunity. Moreover, with Capital Smart City  Approval from RDA, the property value is expected to rise, which is significant from an investment point of view. Moreover, contact or visit us at Estate Land Marketing for further information regarding real estate projects in Pakistan and much more.

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