The government is committed to growing the remittance-sending segment

The government is committed to growing the remittance-sending segment

The government is committed to growing the remittance-sending segment. The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-leniency Insaf’s toward foreign nationals has become one of the most hotly debated aspects of the current government. Whether it is extending voting rights to Pakistanis residing outside the mainland or establishing offices to address their everyday concerns, the Imran Khan government’s relationship with the Pakistani diaspora population looks to be rather electrifying.

In the same spirit, the government has expanded the jurisdiction of the Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Offices, which were already present in all provinces, to include regions and districts.

Additionally, it is worth noting that OPC Punjab’s performance has been consistently superior to that of the other provinces. The office has solved many migration issues and reclaimed more land from various land mafias under the current administration than the Pakistan Muslim League-N dictatorship ever could.

According to records, a total of 5,300 complaints were addressed over the prior four and a half years. In contrast, the current administration settled more than 10,400 complaints in just three years while relinquishing property worth more than Rs50 billion.

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Additionally, numerous Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with other agencies were formed to simplify services to Pakistanis living abroad. According to records obtained by The Express Tribune, the Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Act was enacted to address the issues confronting Pakistanis living overseas, and the Punjab OPC was established as a result.

The web page has been modified by the current administration to prioritize abroad Pakistanis’ issues, while district Overseas Pakistanis Committees have been formed to resolve overseas Pakistanis’ grievances more efficiently.

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According to the records, DIG Operation Punjab has been assigned as the Focal Person for Overseas Pakistanis. Commission Ordinance 2021 also provides for establishing a police station within the Consultancy Unit and Commission’s offices to give legal and revenue help to Pakistanis abroad. Additionally, available documents indicate that a mobile application is being developed with the assistance of the Punjab Information and Technology Board for the convenience of overseas Pakistanis and that a quota for non-resident citizens seeking admission to medical colleges has been established.

However, this is not a one-way street; rather, it appears to be built on mutual backscratching—the government glorifies the remittance-sending block; in turn, the remittance-sending block sings the government’s and local economy’s praises and happily funnels millions into the country’s drying accounts.

District Overseas Pakistanis Committees have been formed in 29 of the province’s districts thus far. These committees consist of the Chairperson, DC Vice-Chairperson, DPO Member, and ADCR Secretary. They are responsible for resolving complaints in a timely way and having bi-monthly meetings and organising workshops to keep the department working well.

The former government’s grievance redressal rate was around 37%, while the present administration appears to have increased it to 64%. Makhdoom Tariq Mahmood Al Hassan, OPC Vice Chairman, stated that Overseas Pakistanis are an asset to the country. “Institutions are working tirelessly to alleviate their suffering, and we want the difficulties of abroad Pakistanis to be resolved as quickly as possible.” Overseas Pakistanis residing in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia addressed their concerns swiftly. Complaints lodged on the portal are instantly addressed, and a report is delivered to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, which includes the Chief Minister.”

The government is committed to growing the remittance-sending segment.

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