The Impact of Ring Road on Pakistan Real Estate Sector

The Impact of Ring Road on Pakistan Real Estate Sector

The Impact of Ring Road on Pakistan Real Estate Sector

The Ring Road is a long-awaited construction project of Pakistan. The impact of the ring road on Pakistan Real Estate is immense. Moreover, the primary reason for the construction of this road is to accommodate the massive flow of traffic coming from Islamabad to Rawalpindi’s centre of residential societies.

The Ring Road route will start from ChanniSherAlambridge – close to Rawat, and end at Thalian Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Thus, the route is 32 km [in length], and 2-Link Roads of 6 km and 8 km connects Ring Road to GT road. Furthermore, the ring road is 300 ft. wide and has commercial areas on both sides. Additionally, the Ring Road consists of 6 flyovers, 3 interchanges and 10 overhead bridges.

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In Addition, the project is under the control of the Punjab Highway Department, and NesPak presents its master plan. The impact of the ring road on Pakistan real estate is tremendous, and it is visible in the location map attached below:

Impact of ring on real estate location map

  • Planned Interchanges
  • Interchanges are planned along the route of the Ring Road. They are as follows:
  • Chak Bali Road Interchange
  • Channi Bridge Interchange
  • GorakhPur Interchange
  • Dhamial Interchange
  • Rawat Interchange
  • Adyala Interchange
  • Motorway Interchange
  • Fateh Jang Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange

Ring Road Impact on Real Estate

The impact of Ring Road is tremendous as it will increase the overall charm and appeal of the real estate sector, specifically the real estate projects close to M-2 Motorway. Moreover, New Islamabad International Airport is located close to the Ring Road project, so investment opportunities are higher in this area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The construction of this road has a positive impact on the housing societies located nearby. Therefore, demand for property in close by societies is increased and ease of moving to central city areas, solving many of the travelling issues of the residents.

Ring Road impact on real estate is such that the attraction of buyers and investors to its adjoining housing and commercial projects is increasing.  Furthermore, Economic activity flourishes due to the close location of New Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, construction projects enhance the investment opportunities in the real estate sector, and people consider the nearby areas for residency. Hence, ring road impact on real estate is monumental.

A benefit to Nearby Housing Societies

The construction of Ring Road benefits various housing societies located close to the route. It is one of the leading concerns of the people. Furthermore, lesser-known housing societies and real estate projects catch the investors’ attention. The housing projects count for the rapid advancement in ring road projects because their success depends on it. Namely, these real estate projects include Blue World City, Blue Hills Country Farms, Bahria TownPhase VIII and Phase VIII Extension, Capital Smart City, Rudn Enclave, Top City1, Mumtaz City and many other projects on Adyala and Chakri Road.

All these housing societies will experience an increase in land prices as the demand is rapidly increasing. Blue World City Islamabad is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange. The location of the housing society is along the ring road, which impacts the housing society very positively.

The main ring road impact on real estate is splendid. It relieves heavy traffic on National Highway, reduces journey time, and solves numerous traffic issues of twin cities. Moreover, the project allows smooth traffic flow, improves overall economic connectivity, and makes travelling from one area to another feasible and quick.

The Ring Road project has a number of overall positive impacts on Pakistan Real Estate, including:

  • Reduce traffic bottleneck on N-5.
  • Less journey time for non-motorized traffic, public transport and commuting vehicles.
  • Enhanced traffic flow for GT Road users
  • The proximity of New Islamabad International Airport allows economic activities to flourish.
  • Increase investment opportunities
  • Real Estate project success is increased
  • Reduce the journey time to reach adjoining housing schemes.


The impact of Ring Road on the Pakistan Real Estate Sector is immensely positive. The ring road impact on real estate is fortunate as the property market prices increase.  Furthermore, property buying and selling can rise in surrounding areas because of ease in transportation, safety and development opportunities. Henceforth, Ring Road facilitates investors seeking a high return and profitable investment opportunities in residential and commercial areas.

The Government and competent bodies are working diligently to complete this mega development project. Moreover, the ring road is reviving economic activities related to real estate to attract investments and create new jobs. The real estate project, in turn, resolves pending issues while also creating new opportunities. Estate Land Marketing is a team of professionally trained real estate professionals serving the clients in optimal ways.

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