The Leh Nullah Expressway's width has been lowered

The Leh Nullah Expressway’s width has been lowered

The Leh Nullah Expressway’s width has been lowered. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has narrowed the Leh Nullah Expressway and flood channel to save money on property acquisition and would now purchase 700 kanals from landowners along the nullah.

The government has referred the PC-I to the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) for final clearance to purchase land for the Rs25 billion project.

Work on land acquisition will begin once the PC-I receives clearance from the CDWP.

According to a top RDA official, the expressway’s width has been lowered from 35-50 metres to 25-35 metres due to the new design submitted by National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak). This has resulted in a reduction in land area.

To save money, the RDA will now acquire 700 kanals from landowners.

He stated that experts objected to the idea that narrowing the flood channel would enhance water flow and thus the intensity of floods in heavy rains.

However, he stated that engineers chose to expand the nullah’s depth from 8 to 11 feet. Rainwater flow would be minimized by raising the depth of the nullah.

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He stated that land purchase was originally estimated at 1,289 kanals, but after narrowing the highway, 700 kanals will be acquired, saving money.

Meanwhile, the RDA Governing Body had its 57th meeting, chaired by Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah and RDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Murtaza.

The meeting’s participants were told about the project’s agenda.

The Green Regulations for Ecosystem Intensification and Restoration via Potohari Flora (Ten Billion Tree Tsunami) were also given to the governing body, which approved the draught of green regulations.

This corridor would be built entirely on private financing by a company called Nespak.

The plan for the Leh Nullah Expressway is now being reviewed by the P3 board before being tendered.

Mr Shah and the commissioner lauded Nespak for its persistent efforts on the Leh Nullah Expressway project.

Mr Murtaza stated that these initiatives should be initiated immediately and completed as quickly as possible.

After the project is completed, he added that floods would be avoided and traffic flow on both sides of Leh Nullah will improve. The environment will also benefit from the completion of this project.

Members of the authority’s governing body include retired Major Mohammad Latasib Satti (MPA PP-6), Ms Nasreen Tariq (MPA W301), Haji Amjad Mahmood Chaudhry (MPA PP-13), Muqarrib Ali Khan, Wasa DMD, RDA chief engineer, director administration and finance, director (MP & TE), director (LD & EM), deputy director administration and finance, HUD & many other officers of RDA.

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