The PWD intersection in Islamabad is named after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

The PWD intersection in Islamabad is named after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

The PWD intersection in Islamabad is named after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board named the newly completed PWD intersection after nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on Thursday.

Additionally, it approved a landfill for Islamabad’s rural area and a new housing program for overseas Pakistanis.

The federal government instructed the CDA board to name a permanent structure/infrastructure or road after the recently deceased nuclear physicist.

The board of directors, chaired by CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, convened on Thursday to discuss various policy issues.

The assembly approved establishing a five-acre dumping site in Taumar for the rural population after the necessary formalities are completed.

Overseas Enclave, a new housing development, will be built on 400 kanals adjacent to Park Enclave III. The board decided to construct flats and apartments for abroad Pakistanis as part of the Roshan Digital Program.

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According to a board member, the forum also supported CDA’s request to have the building of 10th Avenue handled by a government entity rather than private contractors.

The civic agency has previously contracted Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and National Logistics Cell (NLC) to execute various construction projects among the government contractors.

On Wednesday, the National Economic Council’s Executive Committee (Ecnec) approved the construction of 10th Avenue from IJP Road to Srinagar Highway at a cost of Rs12.139 billion.

Meanwhile, the board accepted a contract with Pakistan’s National Electronics Complex (NECOP) to replace conventional streetlights in the capital city with light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

The CDA, in collaboration with NECOP, will convert Islamabad’s existing sodium streetlights with European-standard LED lighting.

Three projects – two interchanges at Khayaban-i-Iqbal (E-11 and Shaheen Chowk) and an EIA study to widen and enhance Attaturk Avenue from Jinnah Avenue to Ayub Chowk – were also sanctioned for consulting. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is commemorated at the PWD junction in Islamabad.

According to the board member, the privatization of the Jinnah Convention Centre (JCC) was also discussed during the meeting, which was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Privatization.

According to sources, the CDA informed privatization officials that the board had no objections to JCC’s privatization and that the federal cabinet’s decision was definitive.

The CDA requested that the Ministry of Privatization submit study reports on water availability, grid-connected energy, a solid waste management plan, a traffic impact assessment, and a sewage treatment plant (STP) report to obtain a revised version allotment letter from the CDA.

The Privatization Commission has stated that the JCC deal was halted after the CDA expressed complaints following a no-objection certificate (NOC).

Previously, in a letter to the Ministry of Interior a few weeks ago, the CDA stated that it had never opposed the privatization of JCC, but rather asked: “If no study is conducted [regarding the studies mentioned above], the matter may be brought to the attention of the prime minister or the federal cabinet as deemed appropriate for appropriate intervention in the matter.”

According to sources, it was discussed during the meeting that the Privatization Commission should reassure the CDA board that no new difficulties identified by the CDA will arise. However, sources indicated that the civic agency made it plain that it had no objection to JCC’s privatization.

In July, the CDA board resolved to get study findings from the Ministry of Privatization prior to receiving a revised JCC allotment letter from the CDA.

The board advised that the 3.4 acres previously designated for parking be reviewed as an amenity area to avoid legal issues.

The CDA has stated that privatizing such a massive structure will impact highways and other public services.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is commemorated at the PWD junction in Islamabad.

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