The renovation of Kalma Chowk, CBD Punjab Boulevard, has begun

The renovation of Kalma Chowk, CBD Punjab Boulevard, has begun

According to news from November 24, the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) has praised the changes made to Kalma Chowk and Central Business District (CBD) Punjab Boulevard.

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The news source said that the PCBDDA has made sure that the public is safe and at ease while the mega project is being built. The government has been using different platforms to tell people as much as possible about roadblocks so that they don’t have to deal with any trouble. It was said that the PCBDDA works with the City Traffic Police (CTP) of Lahore to make sure that traffic flows smoothly.

PCBDDA Executive Director Technical Riaz Hussain said that remodelling Kalma Chowk and CBD Punjab Boulevard is a huge project, and that the authority is working to finish it on time. He went on to say that pile work is almost done from Saint Mary Park to Center Point, and that pile work has also begun on Ali Zeb Road.

Right now, you can’t drive on the road from Saint Mary to Center Point. People going from Ferozepur Road to Liberty Market are being sent to Gaddafi Stadium or the Kalma Chowk Underpass to get to Liberty Market. Also, people going from Liberty Market to Ali Zeb Road should use Main Boulevard, and people going from Barkat Market to Ali Zeb Road should use the Kalma Chowk Underpass instead of the UCH U-turn.

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