Tilla Jogian is designated a 'national park'

Tilla Jogian is designated a ‘national park’

There are 10,000 acres of dense, old-growth Tilla Jogian forest in Jhelum. The Department of Forests has given it the title of “National Park.”

Construction is going on for tourists who want to walk around. There are benches for families, bathrooms, a rest house, all kinds of swings, and tuck shops for kids. The Forest Department’s Sustainable Division came up with the idea for the project. It will cost Rs30 million to do.

Tourists can visit the project when it’s done in April.

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It’s also illegal to cut down trees or hunt in Tilla Jogian National Park. The forest guards will be sent to this national park. Closed-circuit cameras will be put in, and a lot of space for parking will also be built in the same place. Check posts will also be set up as a last line of defense.

A record number of fruit trees are also being planted in the park for the birds to eat. Every type of fruit that grows in the area will be put in the park. Further, small ponds will also be built to breed fish and make habitats for fish.

Several street lights will be put up in the park. A 100-foot high tower for tourists will also be built. There will be a lot of places that families can go when they visit.

The forest will be the second-largest national park in the Rawalpindi division. It will have a lot of trees and plants.

It will become the National Park of Rawalpindi, with modern tourist facilities and a wide range of wildlife. A national park was built in the Chenji Forest, which is near the cities of Chakwal and Attock, as the first one did.

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