A new restoration plan for Sajan Singh Haveli has been authorized

A new restoration plan for Sajan Singh Haveli has been authorized

A new restoration plan for Sajan Singh Haveli has been authorized. There are seven gurdwaras and a temple in the Sajan Singh Haveli, which is in the heart of Bhabhra Bazaar, the city’s most crowded area. The Glorious Rawalpindi Task Force has approved a plan to renovate and restore both the haveli and a nearby temple.

The archaeology department has been told to come up with an estimate of how much it will cost to get the old historical sites back to how they were when they were first built.

It was before Muhammad Mahmood was arrested in the Ring Road scandal that he had permission from the Punjab government to spend Rs400 million restoring the historical mansion. However, the provincial government did not give the money to the people.

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So now, the Glory Rawalpindi Task Force will be in charge of getting work done on the project. On Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar gave the go-ahead for the project to start right away.

As far back as last year, the renovation of the Sajan Singh Haveli project was thought to cost about Rs50 million. They’ve been told to come up with and submit an estimated cost for the renovation project.

In the first phase, the Sajan Singh Haveli and the Bagh-e-Sardaran Temple will be renovated and restored to their original condition, and they will be open to tourists, says Asif Mehmood, the head of the Glorious Rawalpindi Task Force. Seven other old temples will also be renovated.

131 years ago, Sardar Rai Bahadur Sajan Singh was a wealthy businessman and built the building that is so well known. When it was built, the foundation stone was laid in 1890. It was done in three years. Four floors and 45 rooms make up the 24,000-square-foot building. Four of its big halls have furniture that looks like it did in the 1800s. Due to a lack of proper care, this important piece of history is almost going to fall apart.

One of the parts of the project was to repair a temple and seven gurdwaras.

The Bagh-e-Sardaran Temple is in Ghazni Mohalla. It was built in 1887. This temple is now home to the Special Police Branch’s office, which is where they work.

When will the restoration of these two historical places start? It should be done in March.

A Sikh family moved to India after the country was split up. The Sajaan Singh Haveli belonged to the family. The family also owned a royal palace on Mall Road, which is now home to Fatima Jinnah Women’s University.

Before this, there was also a plan to make the Sajan Singh Haveli a campus of the Fatima Jinnah University, but it could not be done.

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