Today, construction on Daducha Dam commences

Today, construction on Daducha Dam commences

RAWALPINDI: On Thursday, Laiqat Ali Chatha, the Division Commissioner of Rawalpindi, announced that the much-awaited Daducha Dam project will begin construction on Friday, putting speculation about new delays to rest.

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A statement claims that Commissioner Chatha visited the Daducha Dam site and carefully examined the equipment and other FWO preparations before beginning construction on the dam.

Speaking at the event, he stated that the fact that construction on the important project is beginning on Friday is fantastic news for the people of Rawalpindi.

“This will be the people of Rawalpindi’s second ‘gift’ following the Ring Road project.”

In order to ensure that any ambiguities in the demarcation or survey are cleared up right away and that the work is not impeded, he gave the Saddar assistant commissioner instructions to maintain the necessary revenue staff stationed at the location. He also gave the FWO instructions to use all available resources in this area.

“The project has a two-year deadline to be completed.”

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