Tomorrow, Zaitoon will unveil a brand new endeavour

Tomorrow, Zaitoon will introduce a new initiative. Tomorrow, June 1, in a private event, Zaitoon will hold a pre-launch ceremony for its new project, “Zaitoon Lifestyle.” Zaitoon Lifestyle is at the Halloki Interchange of the Lahore Ring Road on Main Jia Bagga Road. The pre-launch event will occur in Lahore’s Pearl Continental Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

According to the information, the pre-launch ceremony will take place from 5 pm to 10 pm, and the Facebook Live team will cover and broadcast it. There should be a lot of important people from the group and the local real estate world there. During the ceremony, the new project’s plans will be made public. But people in the real estate business are already talking about this new project by a well-known Lahore property group.

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Zaitoon’s Facebook page says that the ground has already been broken for Zaitoon Lifestyle and that development work has begun. The project, which has already been approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), is likely to be popular in Lahore city.

Tomorrow, a live broadcast will be on the official Facebook page for You can watch it to find out more about the project. We’ll also keep telling you about the latest changes to Zaitoon, so stay tuned.

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