SECP introduces a digital financing initiative for NBFCs

SECP introduces a digital financing initiative for NBFCs. According to news sources, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) started a Digital Lending project for Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) on Monday, May 30.

Under the project, NBFCs would be able to finance projects by using remote technologies and computer-aided systems to process loan applications. Under S.R.O.603(I)/2022, the SECP told the government about the project.

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The SECP says that the initiative would use digital, technology-based, or internet-based channels or tools with little or no human involvement to process loan applications, approvals, payments, and repayments. Here are the things that are said in the notice:

Lending NBFCs must follow the rules that the Commission sets out in a circular for all or a specific type of lending NBFCs, including but not limited to digital lending;
Fair treatment of customers and borrowers, such as coming up with the correct pricing policies and information;
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Adequate and correct disclosures to borrowers, customers, and other stakeholders, including but not limited to the products, services, and terms and conditions that apply to them;
Information technology, systems, and information security measures; minimum disclosure requirements for digital applications, websites, and other platforms NBFCs for licenced activities.

Also, the notice emphasised the idea of “Robo Advisor,” which will be a client-facing product that is automated and based on an algorithm, with little or no involvement from a human adviser. A study and evaluation of the market will also use platforms like artificial intelligence (AI).

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