Top City 1 Islamabad

Top City 1 Islamabad

Top City 1 Islamabad

Top city 1 Islamabad is the peak of unrivalled quality and perfection in everything that it does. This exceptional lodging society provides excellent facilities and services. Since the project’s start in 2012, it has seen continuous expansion. Technology has more effectively, the project provides an innovative infrastructure that represents a contemporary way of living for people who wish to live more efficiently. It is serving as a benchmark in the history of residential projects in Rawalpindi. Above all, its delivering exotic lifestyle & modern facilities.

Top city 1 Islamabad claims to be the most trustworthy, lavish & extraordinary housing scheme that attracts overseas Pakistanis. Mainly, a good blend of prime location & edge management planning has influenced the present and future of this housing scheme. Meanwhile, the actual development of the project commenced in 2012. However, the market trend is already inclined towards this ideal residential scheme. It is an expertly home project with a beautiful view of rolling green hills, and construction is progressing at a rapid rate in various areas of development, including the main building. Top City 1 has also been given the green light by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, popularly known as the RDA. Located over 9081 Kanals of land, the huge real estate project offers an urban infrastructure that merges perfectly with the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds it. The project is divided into three phases. Even while the urban infrastructure of TopCity-1 is certainly something to see, the designated green areas and meticulous attention to detail make it one of Pakistan’s most environmentally conscious but stylishly ultra-modern living destinations.

Developers & Owners

Top City 1 Islamabad is an innovative concept by the Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC), led by Kunwar Moeez Khan, the company’s chief executive officer. Over the last several years, he has made significant contributions to the real estate industry. In addition to being a true patriot, Kunwar Moeez Khan is also a forward-thinking realtor who places a high value on enhancing the quality of life for the people. Moreover, as a visionary leader, he has constantly acknowledged and appreciated his team’s dedication to accomplishing their objectives.

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC)

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC), a working strategy that incorporates the best international standards throughout The process of design and building, serves as the basis for the company’s activities. The KMKC aims to establish a high standard in the construction business by showing professional skills and honesty in its operations. They have recruited the services of competent engineers and brilliant architects to carry out their meticulous planning. KMK Towers, in addition to Top City Islamabad, was developed under the supervision of Kunwar Moeez Khan Construction, whose success is a testament to their superior competence and unwavering commitment to the real estate industry.

Development Status

Top City 1 is committed to fulfilling the aspirations of its inhabitants. The construction of modern-style infrastructure and the planning of infrastructure are making dreams come true. More than 60% of the development work at the Top city 1  islamabad site has been finished. Possession of Block B’s residential plot of one kanal has already begun in this location. Construction progresses at a brisk rate in Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, and H. Development activity can be observed in all of these blocks. Road infrastructure, as well as a few homes, are now being constructed. Top city 1’s central commercial sector, where larger commercial plots will be available for major projects, has yet to be officially opened, but it will be open soon. Magnus Mall, for example, is a massive project that has just been started.

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Top city-1 Project

TopCity-1 is a project that has been in the works from its beginnings to provide you with the most satisfactory possible solution that will meet all of your future needs and accommodate your contemporary lifestyle. According to the developers, this home building will be the most dependable, elegant, and beautiful thing a Pakistani could buy. TopCity-1 is the only contemporary home development where luxury and an environmentally friendly environment go hand in hand. Among all the other modern housing developments, TopCity-1 is the only one where luxury and an ecologically friendly environment go hand in hand. TopCity-1, Islamabad’s newest residential development, is a masterfully designed housing development unlike anything else in the City.It is a prestigious housing society that offers you everything you could want in a home. TopCity-1However is more than a location; it is a city inside a city that promises to provide you with the most satisfactory housing choice available. To sustain the unparalleled development and devoted management, TopCity-1 will expend the most significant amount of resources, talents, and expenditures possible.

NOC Status

This society is registered under RDA. Top City 1 Islamabad Noc already acquired from concerned departments including RDA, ICT, CAA, NHA, and Environment Protection Department.

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Location Map

Its convenient position along the Kashmir Highway, one of its most attractive qualities, is one of its most appealing aspects. It is situated around 20 minutes away from downtown G 11 Markaz Islamabad. However, it is readily accessible through the Kashmir Highway, the Lahore and Islamabad Motorways, and the Grand Trunk Road. The new Islamabad International Airport is also just a few kilometres away from TopCity1, about three kilometres. Accordingly, the New Islamabad Airport Road will only take 5 minutes to get to the airport from their homes. TopCity1 is also linked to Kashmir Highway through a magnificent and unique interchange, which creates a loop and provides easy access for those who live in Top City 1. Currently, under construction, a public transit metro bus service will link TopCity1 via two terminals, while the International CPEC City is just a short distance away from TopCity1.

top city 1 location map

Master Plan

A beautiful, intelligently planned city on the edge of Islamabad International Airport is the result of the master plan for TopCity1, which is remarkable in its scope and implementation. A variety of strategies are used to achieve the goal of becoming a well-planned lifestyle destination.TopCity1 not only has attractive design and landscaping, but it also benefits from intelligent architecture, which makes use of the most up-to-date methods to maximize the advantages of the local climate while reducing the adverse effects of the environment and neighboring regions.The natural beauty of the area served as inspiration for the overall design, which was further enhanced by using a circular approach in the centre of the development. Pure green regions are bordered by thoughtfully placed designer homes and flats, linked by broad, gently curved parkways and readily served by an abundance of luxury facilities. Modern architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural environment throughout the project, enhancing the magnificent perspectives that are synonymous with the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Among the many distinguishing characteristics of TopCity1 is the expansive feeling of openness, the views over the lake and green regions, and the rolling hills. In addition to magnificent restaurants, health care facilities, a zoo, a mosque, a cemetery, and hotels with luxury retail shops and business centres, this carefully planned landscape includes a golf course.While TopCity1 is a gated community, it is private and safe and equipped with the most up-to-date monitoring technology. However, it is intended to provide an incredible feeling of independence in a setting of outstanding natural beauty. It is the ideal of a modern residential complex, complete with all the luxurious lifestyle amenities.

master plan of top city 1 Islamabad

The master plan is just as easily accessible as Taj Residencia. The refreshing eco surroundings and ideal lifestyle are an excellent combination of holiday living.

Payment Plan 2021

The rates in Top City are comfortably within reach of everyone’s budget. 5 Marla plots in Top City Islamabad are the most popular choice among investors since they are easily traded and vary in price from PKR 4.5 lakh to PKR 55 lakh. Purchasing a 10 Marla plot in TopCity-1 will cost you about PKR 20 lakh to PKR 80 lakh, while buying a 1 Kanal plot in TopCity-1 will cost you approximately PKR 50 lakh to PKR 1.5 core. The rates given by this housing society are similar to the pricing offered by Park View City, another future real estate development in Islamabad’s CDA zone that is now under construction. A variety of residential plot sizes, a business plot of 3040 square meters, and a variety of high-rise apartment tower plot sizes are included in this new booking. For these bookings, large-scale advertising efforts are being conducted across electronic, social, and print media platforms, so many individuals are likely to be interested in learning more about the project and its features.

Residential plots Prices

Top City 1’s new booking provides residential plots in sizes ranging from 5 marla (2550) to 10 marla (3565), one kanal (5090), to 2 kanal (75120), depending on the size of the plot. Bookings begin with a ten per cent deposit, followed by confirmation and allocation fees of ten per cent each, with the remaining balance due in 33 monthly and five half-yearly payments over the year.

residential plot prices in top city 1


Commercial plots Prices

Limited commercial plots of 3040 size are available with a flexible payment plan via Top city 1’s new booking. Beginning with a 10 per cent down payment, followed by confirmation and allocation fees of 10 per cent each, bookings are easy to complete. The remaining balance is due in 11 equal quarterly payments over three years after the last payment date.commercial plot prices in top city 1 Islamabad


High rise apartments tower plots Prices

Top City 1 Islamabad has come out with a unique offer to purchase high rise residential tower plots along the Kashmir Highway, which is only available via them. It is a costly alternative, but it should entice builders and developers to use this excellent site to start their massive multi-story buildings, which would be very profitable. The plot sizes range from about ten kanals to 20 kanals, and the prices range from approximately 33 crores to 58 crores. The payment schedule will be the same as for commercial plots, and the same discount policy will be in effect.

high rise appartment prices of top city one Islamabad


TopCity-1 is a project that has been in the works from its inception to provide you with the most satisfactory possible solution that will meet all of your future needs and accommodate your contemporary lifestyle. According to the developers, this home building will be the most dependable, elegant, and beautiful thing a Pakistani could buy. While the drive toward luxury and modern lifestyle has ravaged the planet without mercy, TopCity-1 is the only one where luxury and environmentally responsible living are combined among all of the other contemporary home developments. TopCity-1, Islamabad’s newest residential development, is a masterfully designed housing development unlike anything else in the City.


  • Majestic high rise apartments.
  • Luxury 5-star hotel.
  • Business district with state-of-the-art office buildings.
  • Top-notch educational institutes.
  • Well-equipped medical and health care centres.
  • Dedicated lake, green spaces, Zoo and parks.
  • Properly designed parking spaces.
  • International standard shopping mall with high-end retail outlets.
  • Water Bodies in the community
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply

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The Villas at TOP CITY-1

This initiative offers an innovative mix of basic and advanced services, providing the foundation for a luxurious but economic lifestyle.


TopCity-1, located a few minutes from Islamabad International Airport, proudly displays a unique characteristic of Villas located in a beautiful green setting with a magnificent lake as a background to its construction. Enjoy a seamless one-family-unit dream living experience with our beautifully designed and well-maintained amenities, which will elevate your lifestyle.


TopCity-1 provides an excellent investment opportunity in a variety of hotels ranging from cheap to five-star. Islamabad is a well-established tourist destination where visitors from all over the globe and from all over the country halt to go on to their favourite tourist sites in the country. Additionally, due to its ideal location next to Islamabad International Airport, the hotel is well-positioned to meet the increasing needs of business travellers.


The Jamia Masjid

The Jamia Masjid is situated in the centre of TopCity-1; it is pretty convenient to travel to and from the mosque. The masjid is a masterpiece with a design that incorporates elements of Ottoman and contemporary architecture. This facility, centrally air-conditioned and heated, has separate prayer rooms for men and women and can hold up to 5000 people at one time.e, depending on the number of individuals in attendance.

Green Areas

At TopCity-1, more than a hundred thousand trees have been planted to maintain the City’s green and clean image. In addition, each block has its green park area, which helps to further this goal.


Graveyards have a tremendous deal of importance in communities all across the nation, and it is essential to recognize their significance throughout our lives.

Smart Health Care

The intelligent health care function provides an online database of every resident connected to the hospital, allowing a competent and committed health care staff to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs.

Security Surveillance

In an emergency, a 24/7 CCTV sensor network and mobile surveillance Control Center can quickly mobilize a rapid reaction team.

Istitutional Zone

Learning is a necessary component of life if we live in a more sustainable environment and more responsive society. “Learning should comprise in-depth comprehension that is accompanied by the flexible and active application of knowledge.”

TopCity-1 aims to provide access to the best and most up-to-date educational opportunities for the children of our community, residents, and individuals in the surrounding area. TopCity-1 anticipates the world of tomorrow and recognizes the need of meeting future requirements. As a result, a state-of-the-art Institutional Zone has been designated for intelligent instruction.


Among our guests’ favourite sources of entertainment and pleasure, particularly among youngsters, is the vibrant and joyful Zoo, overseen by a highly competent staff of wildlife specialists dedicated to their work.

Why invest in a top City?

Top City Islamabad is a model housing society that enables its residents to live their best lives by providing a high-quality lifestyle and facilities. With this project, the developers want to create a revolutionary housing community in Islamabad that would include homes and industrial plots, residential villas, and apartment complexes, among other things. The housing project is an ideal location to build your dream house, and after you have taken ownership, you will be able to begin the building process immediately. All of the cutting-edge features and amenities included in the home development will guarantee that residents enjoy a comfortable and affluent lifestyle in one of the City’s most prestigious locations. In addition, your children will benefit from the environmentally friendly atmosphere since it is both healthy and safe for them.

How to can I book a plot in the top City of Islamabad?

Suppose you want to make a reservation or get more information. Bookings may also be made via the internet.

You may get a copy of the booking form by visiting the society’s official website. Please fill out the form with all of the necessary information, then submit it.

Required Documents

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Pros and cons


Convenient Prices

Top City provides a simple payment plan, with residential plots beginning at PKR 4,500,000 and a monthly payment of PKR 2,000. This housing society offers investors a strategic benefit of PKR 1.5 million when they invest in the 1 and 2 Kanal plots available in the community. When compared to other societies, we have a significant price advantage.

Excellent for Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis are looking for a high-quality way of life similar to the one they are used to. On the other hand, Top City Islamabad has world-class facilities that are comparable to living in a foreign country. Moreover, the top City stands apart from the rest of the housing societies because of its technical achievements, environmentally pleasant atmosphere, and excellent upkeep.

Rewarding Commercial Investment

The residential society’s business zones attracted the attention of investors since they provide a plethora of possibilities for profit. It is expected that the housing society would provide commercial sectors that will include a mix of corporate offices, retail establishments, and entertainment venues, all of which will be tailored to suit the customers’ requirements. The lodging society has a large amount of potential for commercial growth and will offer employment to a substantial number of residents.

Medical Services That Are Easily Accessible

The developers place a high value on the health of its inhabitants, and A significant number of hospitals are housed inside the housing society. And clinics with highly qualified medical personnel and a wide range of services. Over 500 beds are available at these hospitals. There are dedicated pediatric units as well as maternity and child care units. There are also special sections for paediatrics, gynaecology, and obstetrics.


Distance from the Twin Cities

Even though Top City Islamabad is ideally located between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, some customers have remarked it’s too far away It is purely a subjective thing because some people need a high-quality living environment away from the hustle and bustle of the City


Islamabad is the peak of unrivalled quality and perfection in everything that it does. Excellent facilities and services are provided by this exceptional lodging society—top city 1. Since the project’s start in 2012, it has seen continuous expansion. The project provides an innovative infrastructure that represents a contemporary way of living. It is serving as a benchmark in the history of residential projects in Rawalpindi. Above all, its delivering exotic lifestyle & modern facilities. Our Estate Land Marketing Expertise are local market specialists and have demonstrated histories of performance. It takes you step-by-step through the procedure and ensures all is proper.


Q1-Where is Top City Islamabad situated?

Ans: On the Srinagar Highway, it is close to the New Islamabad International Airport and the Islamabad Railway Station.

Q2- What is a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, Linking Road Network, Electricity

Q3- Who should I contact If I face any issues?

ANS: Please contact on WhatsApp or call at +92300 111 22 33.

Q4- How big is Top City Islamabad?

Ans: Approximately 740 Acres

Q5- Is Top city approved?

Ans: TopCity-1 has also been given the green light by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, popularly known as the RDA.

Q6- Who is the owner of Top City 1?

Ans: Kunwar Moeez Khan

Q7-  How can I get more information through the website?

ANS: There is an official website : After clicking on the projects menu, you will get there.

Q8- what is the feedback of the customers?

ANS:  Customers are very satisfied.

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