Victoria City Lahore

Victoria City Lahore

Victoria City

Victoria City Lahore is one of the newest and most popular housing projects in Lahore. Moreover, the developers will make the best living environment to facilitate the Lahore residents’ excellent living standards. Furthermore, the location will be near the main road, enhancing the accessibility and the worth of the residential complex. Most importantly, the world-class facilities are another blissful aspect of investing. Moreover, investing in this housing venture will have several perks and privileges. Furthermore, the extensive details of the master plan and prices will be here soon. Lastly, continue reading to know all elements of this residential complex.

Owners & Developers

Sheranwala Developers are building this latest housing venture. Moreover, the developers are famous for their quality work performance and deliverables. Furthermore, they have been in the field since 1985 and offer everyone lucrative real estate investment options. And their famous work projects are Time Square Mall and the Bahria Orchard Lahore Phase 4. Lastly, the investors will have a reliable long-term real estate investment.

NOC Status

Legality is what the developers are looking for right now. Moreover, as we know, legitimacy is the criterion that attracts most investors. Furthermore, developers’ names are enough to gain investors’ attention and reliability. Finally, and most importantly, they have a team who knows the art of excellence and dedication—and creating magnificent housing ventures. Lastly, soon all investors will have the good news of legality.

Location & Map

Victoria City Lahore is in an ideal and strategic location of Lahore. Moreover, the residential complex has two entrances; one is at Main Canal Road, and the other is at Main Multan Road. Furthermore, accessibility is also a fascinating aspect that increases the worth and value of Investment here. And it is close to Bahria Town Lahore, Zaitoon City Lahore and the Lahore Ring Road. Moreover, the housing venture is a few minutes away from the Thokar Niaz Baig and M2-Motorway. Lastly, the details of the location map are here:

Victoria City Lahore location

Payment Plans

The prices are an ideal package for most prospective residents, like in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the instalment plan will be part of the package to enhance the buying rates. Furthermore, the rates are easy enough, which will help most investors with the best buying experience here. And the best aspect is that there will be several living space options to fulfil requirements and according to the preferences of the investors. Moreover, the details of the prices package are extensively available here:

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The living spaces that can be everyone’s dream home are part of the community. Moreover, the sizes will be 3, 5, 10 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal. Furthermore, the price range will be available from PKR 2,150,000 to PKR 25,000,000/-. Lastly, the extensive details of the residential prices package are as follows:

Residential Payment Plan

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

These commercial options will enhance the living standards of all the investors. Moreover, the infrastructure will be of a high quality that will help generate more leads and improve business growth. Furthermore, the prices range of 5 Marla Commercial properties will be PKR 20,000,000/-. Lastly, other details with instalment rates are here:

Commercial Payment Plan

Master Plan

There will be plenty of living spaces fulfilling the living spaces for all the investors and the residents. Moreover, the residential projects will make reliable and long-term investment rates with the best possible facilities and features. Furthermore, the developers will make the best living space for all investors, an affordable life like in 7 Wonders City Islamabad. And the other property details are here:

Victoria City Lahore Master Plan

Residential Plots

The owners are famous for creating plenty of properties for all investors. Moreover, there will be sizes that will ensure completing the living needs of all investors. And at pocket-friendly rates. Furthermore, the available sizes will vary, making it a dream and perfect investment option for everyone. Lastly, the properties measurement available will be:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The plots will make the Investment worthy of producing massive amounts of income. Moreover, the developers will make the acquisition more reliable and profitable by making it a good quality investment. Furthermore, commercial spaces can help all owners make monetary gains. Lastly, there will be a plot size of:

  • 5 Marla

Development Status

Construction work will soon begin at the housing venture. Moreover, the developers are ensuring the quality of living at best possible inexpensive rates. Furthermore, the infrastructure will be of good quality and high-end features and let the investors lead a high-quality life. And the prospective residents can make an excellent monetary gain. Moreover,  developers will let everyone have a world-class and luxurious life because of the serene environment. As there will plantation drive soon start in the community. Lastly, the development work will begin quickly, and Estate Land Marketing will help let their viewer with the recent developments.


The features available at Victoria City Lahore are countless, offering the best possible lifestyle. And here are some reliable aspects of living in here.

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Educational Institutes
  • High-Class Health Centers
  • Adequate Sewerage System
  • Wide Streets and Roads
  • Malls and Shops
  • Parking Lot
  • Grand Mosque
  • Commercial Zone
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Apartments and Villas


Victoria City Lahore will offer high-end features and privileges to its investors. And some of the mesmerizing will be:

Access to all Basics

The investors will have one of the best living experiences in this housing venture. Moreover, the housing ventures will provide electricity, gas, and water, allowing them to strive for the best life they are thinking of for their dream property. Furthermore, the condition will be 24 hours, enhancing the quality of living. Lastly, these facilities will be free of cost, making them more reliable and sustainable investments.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The housing venture will help the investors in making a high-quality lifestyle. Moreover, for businesses and startups, the premium quality infrastructure will let them make massive profits and monetary gains. Furthermore, the features will be available for offices to help them make the best deals. Lastly, the rates are affordable with the instalment ease.

Educational & Health Centers

Healthcare and education are the essential and most vital aspects of leading a balanced life. Moreover, the best educational institutes and healthcare centres will be available for everyone. Furthermore, these facilities will be an integral part of Victoria City Lahore. And these will be accessible to all at pocket-friendly rates. Therefore, this will be the best lifetime real-estate opportunity.

Gated Community

The fascinating feature is the secured environment that will ensure high levels of security and a sense of stability for all the investors and the residents. Moreover, the developers are offering the best possible and latest technology to make the environment more secure and peaceful. Furthermore, it will include CCTV Cameras that will provide facial recognition.

Business Zones

Commercial properties will be available here with the best infrastructure and the prices to invest in a reliable one. Moreover, the commercial zone will motivate and help them make long-term and profitable business deals. And the 5 Marla plot will have all the facilities and features, letting all business owners grow and make profits.

Pros & Cons

Victoria City will offer numerous perks to all its future residents. Moreover,  the lucrative ones are:


  • Ideal Location
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Wide Streets and Roads
  • Commercial Zones
  • Approdable Prices Range
  • Malls and Shops
  • Parking Area
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Theme Parks
  • Fitness Areas
  • Mosque
  • Medical Centers
  • All basics Provision
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Gated Community
  • Environment-Friendly Housing Project


  • High Plot Prices

Why Invest in Victoria City Lahore?

The housing complex will offer a high-end living standard at pocket-friendly rates. Moreover, developers are famous in the real estate industry for building outstanding housing ventures. Furthermore, the primary location with dual entrance intensifies the worth of this real estate project. Most importantly, the price rates also give all investors primary investment goals. Moreover, the amenities will also enhance and help the investors to attain their high-end investment goals. Lastly, timely Investment is crucial because once the investment rates increase, there might also be a spike in property rates.


The housing venture in Lahore will soon be going to fulfil the living requirements of all the Lahore residents and investors from the nearby areas. Moreover, the developers are also creating living spaces with world-class facilities and features in a single community. Furthermore, the investors will soon access residential and commercial living facilities. Most importantly, the infrastructure will help in gaining the best business goals. And the prices will be pocket-friendly and in the range of most investors due to its instalment plan. Moreover, its accessibility from the Ring Road Lahore and Thokar Niaz Baig makes the real estate investment. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing can help you find a suitable property investment, so without hesitation, connect with them now.


Q1. What is Victoria City Lahore?

Victoria City Lahore is one of the newest addition to Lahore real estate work.

Q2. Where is its Site Location?

The site is at the ideal and strategic location of Lahore. Moreover, the residential complex has two entrances; one is at Main Canal Road, and the other is at Main Multan Road.

Q3. Is Victoria City Lahore Accessible?

It is easily accessible from Bahria Town Lahore, ZaitoonCity, Thokar Niaz Baig, M2-Motorway and the Lahore Ring Road.

Q4: Who is Building this Housing Venture?

Sheranwala Developers are building this latest housing venture.

Q5. Are there commercial plots available?

Yes, there will be a commercial zone at this housing complex.

Q6. Are prices range available yet?

Yes, residential and commercial property rates are available.

Q7. Is this Investment a reliable option?

Of course, the investors can make an ideal and long-term investment here.

Q8. From where to get the best deal at Victoria City Lahore?

Estate Land Marketing can help you find a suitable property investment, so without hesitation, connect with them now.

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