wapda town faisalabad

Wapda Town Faisalabad

Wapda Town Faisalabad


Wapda Town Faisalabad is one of the futuristic and modern housing societies at Faisalabad, mainly on Talawan Bhagewaal Road. Moreover, the main idea behind building this real estate project is to provide homes to all the residents of Faisalabad and surrounding areas. And, The master plan of this housing scheme has everything from basics to high-end facilities. Lastly, the experts and professionals are behind creating this magnificent master plan. To know more about this housing scheme, continue reading.

Owner & Developers

The owner and developer of this housing society have worked around the clock to deliver the best services to its future residents and investors. Moreover, the developers have adopted best practices to help the community grow sustainably. The one thing developers have in mind is to find the best locality and construct an affordable living site. Furthermore, the development process is going at a high pace because of the infrastructure. Lastly, investment here will be a valuable investment.

NOC Status

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is vital to gain the trust and confidence of the investors. Therefore to facilitate the investors, this housing society has approval from relevant authorities. This housing society has approval from Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA). Moreover, the worth of any developing project increases in NOC-approved housing societies. And, investors and residents always prefer to invest in legal projects.

Location & Map

The location is another vital aspect all investors and residents have in mind before investing. Moreover, the developers have developed the best place close to all the essential sites to facilitate the investors. The Wapda Town Faisalabad is at the Talawan Bhagewaal, near the Sheikhupura-Faisalabad-Lahore Road. Furthermore, it is directly adjacent to the Faisalabad Canal Expressway, Model Town Khurrianwala Faisalabad, and National Textile University Faisalabad.


Wapda Town Faisalabad Location

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Wapda Town Faisalabad is affordable, aims to offer homes to the residents of Faisalabad. Moreover, the payment plan has an option of an installment program. Again, this is a plus for the investors, who can pay according to their pace. Most importantly, the payment plan is nothing compared with the benefits like the amenities and location.  Furthermore, the price range starts from PKR 31 Lacs to PKR 1.15 Crore. Lastly, investing here will be a plus because the prices will increase in the future.



Wapda Town Faisalabad Payment Plan

Master Plan

The master plan is futuristic and modern in the premises of Faisalabad like Citi Housing Faisalabad. Moreover, the master plan has everything from comfort to luxury. The best part is it facilitates the investors with all the amenities at an affordable price. Furthermore, experts and professionals are behind this magnificent housing project. The master includes residential plots, commercial plots, parks, colleges, schools, and 16 Kanal land to provide the graveyard.

Residential Plot

The residential plots are the central part of any housing society. Moreover, this real estate project has various residential areas at affordable prices. the properties available here are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


These residential and commercial plots are available in several blocks present in this housing scheme. Moreover, the blocks are here to meet the requirements of the residents and investors. The blocks available to invest are:



Wapda Town Faisalabad Master Plan

Development Status

The housing project is developing at a high pace. Moreover, block A, B, and C, which are adjacent, have done the construction work. Despite the development work, all amenities and utilities are also available here—however, commercial plots, parks, and shops are still developing to ease the residents and investors. Furthermore, the grand Mosque is also under construction in Block D. similarly, in Block E, there are three parks, out of which one is fully functional.  . Lastly, to know more about the development status of this housing society, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


There are various features available here to facilitate the investors. Some of the features are as follows:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Fully furnished and carpeted roads
  • Legal housing society
  • Adequate security system
  • Availability of education and health care facilities
  • Parks and playgrounds for recreational activities
  • Waste disposal system
  • 24/7 provision of all basic needs like electricity, water, and gas.


Some of the amenities that the housing society is offering to its residents and investors are as follows:

Secured Environment

Security is a vital aspect of living a peaceful life. Therefore, the developers have a fully secured environment to facilitate the residents. Moreover, there will be a provision of 24/7 security cameras. The cameras are everywhere to record all the activities and maintain a healthy environment. Lastly, guards will also protect the area and help to avoid any disturbance.

Eco-Friendly Project

Climate change and environmental changes are the most critical issues of today’s world. And to help the community in managing the situation, the developers use the international standards of construction, which allows less wastage and promotes a healthy way of development. Lastly, the plantation drive is a pollutant-free and serene environment.

Availability of all Basic Needs

There will be 24/7 availability of essentials like electricity, gas, and water. All these are essential to strive in everyday life. Moreover, all these are available at affordable prices that all residents can bear. Lastly, the connection of all these facilities will be available right after the possession.

Grid Station, Mosque, and Graveyard

As mentioned, earlier this housing society will provide all necessities to its residents. And, it is only possible because the community has a grid station. The grid station will meet the electricity requirements of the residents. Moreover, providing a Mosque will help the resident fulfill their religious obligations. Lastly, there will be a graveyard that will also facilitate the residents in the time of grief.

Commercial Hub

Business opportunities are essential to help the community grow economically. Therefore, this real estate project has a commercial area to support its resident. And, this will be a great help as residents will have their own business or startup where they can earn a generous amount of money. Furthermore, the high-quality infrastructure will also help investors grow their business quickly. Lastly, there are various plot sizes available in the housing society.

Education and Healthcare Facilities

Education is essential to help grow any community. Therefore the housing society is herewith international standards education system. Moreover, there will be the availability of healthcare units that have optimum facilities. The best feature is these facilities will be available 24/7 to help the residents in the emergency.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of investing here are as follows:


  • Provision of all necessities like water, gas, and electricity. As we know, there is a provision of a grid station.
  • High-quality education provision
  • Adequate health care facilities.
  • Theme parks and playgrounds to promote recreational activities.
  • Grocery, malls, and shopping areas
  • Fully secured and clean environment
  • Suitable and accessible location
  • Affordable price range.


  • There is a perception of high prices

Why Invest in Wapda Town Faisalabad?

Investing here will be a valuable asset as the amenities investors and future residents will receive are countless. Moreover, this is a legal housing society with legal status under the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA). The mesmerizing aspect of this housing society is the location. As the site is what all people look for before investing. Furthermore, the payment plan is affordable, just like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan. Also, the master plan of this real estate project has it all where investors find the value of money, from comfort to high-end living standards. Lastly, all these facilities are not available in any other housing society in such an affordable price range.


Wapda town Faisalabad is one of the futuristic housing societies available on the premises of Faisalabad, making it a viable real estate project for the people of surrounding areas. Moreover, the best part of investing here will be its legal status. As mentioned earlier, this real estate project has an approved NOC status. The other fantastic feature is its location, making it accessible from nearby crucial sites. Furthermore, the payment plan is also affordable and reasonable according to the economic status of the investor. However, there is also an installment program to ease the future residents further. Lastly, to know more about buying a plot here, visit the site or the official website of estate land marketing.


Q1. What is Wapda Town Faisalabad?

It is a housing society that lies at the heart of Faisalabad.

Q2. Where is it located?

It is available at a prime location in Faisalabad.

Q3. Is this housing society affordable?

Yes, this housing society is affordable, and people from any economic group can invest heer.

Q4. Is there is an availability of an installment plan?

Yes, there is a provision of installment plan, where all

Q5. Is investing here a valuable asset?

Of course, the investment here will be a great asset because of its location and affordability.

Q6. Why is this real estate project different?

This real estate project will provide residents with high-end living at an affordable price.

Q7. Is this housing society legal?

Yes, Wapda Town Faisalabad is an FDA-approved Housing Society.

Q8. Is there is an availability of commercial plots?

Yes, there are various commercial plots available at affordable prices.

Q9. Is the location of this housing society accessible?

The Wapda Town Faisalabad is accessible from essential locations like Faisalabad Canal Expressway and National Textile University Faisalabad.

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