What are Kingdom Elegant Villas? Complete Details 2023

What are Kingdom Elegant Villas? Complete Details 2023

Kingdom Villas

Kingdom Elegant Villas are the most luxurious and highlight feature of the housing project. In addition, the reason for building these villas is to create an investment opportunity for the investors where all investors can get the ideal lifestyle at affordable rates. Therefore, the developers are offering excellent and world-class facilities and features that will uplift the living standards of all investors. Furthermore, the details of these villas regarding their location, payment plan and master plan will be available in this blog. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing the facts and investment benefits of kingdom villas, continue reading this blog.

NOC Status

The kingdom valley Islamabad Noc is approved by the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Moreover, originality always attracts investors in creating a long-term investment opportunities. So, to offer the ideal investment opportunity, kingdom valley will help investors develop a legitimated and secured investment. But, most importantly, other aspects will be available to make this investment a more viable option, like its world-class features and services. Thus, investing in these kingdom villas will be worthwhile.


The location of kingdom elegant villas will be another facilitating factor that will allow the investors to gain the ideal lifestyle at affordable rates. Moreover, there will be high access points that will lead to significant sites of the location to ensure that the investors are having a great time by investing here. As we all know, the kingdom valley Islamabad Location will be at the M2 Motorway close to Islamabad International Airport. In addition, the site will also be near Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will enhance the investors’ living standards.

Access Points

The elegant villas will be available at the ideal site where all future investors can easily access them without any inconvenience. Here are the access points.

  • 2.7 km away from Chakri Interchage
  • New Islamabad International Airport

Payment Plan

The prices of these villas will be highly affordable, and investors can easily attain an ideal and reasonable investment opportunity. Moreover, the payment plan includes Easy instalments that will also be available to help investors pay the total amount quickly. Most importantly, the total amount of properties is far less according to its world-class features and amenities. Lastly, the details of the payment plan are available in this table.

Kingdom Elegant Villas payment plan

Plots Available

There will 5 Marla villa plots available in the housing community. In addition, other villas will be highly furnished and have all amenities that investors will benefit from, such as ideal sites and affordable rates.

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla


The Kingdom Villas will be offering the ideal living standards to its investors. Moreover, further details are here:

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

The Kingdom Valley will offer sustainable living standards to its future residents. Moreover, the plantation will be happening to achieve more serenity and green. So, investors looking for a serene and pleasant lifestyle can make the ideal lifestyle here. But, most importantly, following the international construction guidelines will make these villas available.

Access to all Basics

All necessities will be available to help achieve the ideal living standards. Moreover, electricity will be available 24/7, which will be a cheap resource for all investors mainly because there will be a grid station in the community. Not only this, water and gas resources will assist future residents in achieving an ideal lifestyle.

Secured Living Standards

The kingdom valley is the secured gated community that will come up with all the basic and luxurious amenities. In addition, the security system of the housing complex is according to international standards. Furthermore, the CCTV cameras will enhance the investors’ living experience by mitigating any inconvenience in the community.


Kingdom Elegant Villas are the provision that all shareholders look to make an ideal living requirement in the vicinity of the twin cities. In addition, the kingdom valley Islamabad will be helping the investors in creating long-term residential investments. The owners of the villas are making them to ensure all investors get the ideal lifestyle at affordable prices. Most importantly, several amenities will include primary and high-end specifications in the community. Furthermore, investors can get excellent living standards by investing here at affordable rates and easy instalments. Estate Land Marketing have all the latest developments and updates on these villas, so keep visiting the site and get the desired information.

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