What are major types of real estate investment strategies?

What are major types of real estate investment strategies?

Any decision about real estate investment is investor’s own choice, whether he goes for it or not. The entire decision depends on his objectives like risk tolerance, economic situation and style to invest. Numerous real estate asset modules have various risks and opportunities, which might differentiate on the basis of investment strategy that investor works on. Tax strategy for real estate investment alone offer variety of benefits to the real estate investors. There are also some other types of real estate investment strategies that provide benefits to investors. The strategies of real estate investment have become easier for investors to implement.

Types of real estate investment strategies

Majority of the types of real estate investment strategies are main driver behind return on profits. One can also properly analyze a deal on the basis of these strategies. After house hacking, there are also some other strategies that would help the real estate investors in getting better returns. Following are some of the main investment strategies that investors use nowadays.

Opportunistic Strategy

Such type of real estate investment strategies include the development of a new structure. It may also involve renewal by the widespread restoration of the current structure with addition of extra floors. Also, it would certainly include relocation of the huge building structure in the market. It might have to then change the tenant outline or practice of a building to understand or capitalize on rental and capital worth. With the improves cashflows with less capital rates, the succeeding appreciation in worth of property after renovation is most important criteria for return on investment. Property portfolio strategy is also a mandatory thing for such strategy.

Value-Add Strategy

Value add type of real estate investment Strategies contain increase of property’s cash flow by renovation of substantial tenancy spaces, re-tenanting. It also includes elimination of losses-to-lease by narrowing operating expenditures, and normal repositioning of any real estate property. Investment return are often reliant on forced appreciation as a result of value-added work or strategy rather yearly returns. Business strategies for value-add properties normally call for departure after value creation. Especially in cases where investors would look to redistribute funds into some new opportunities. Other than that, they might have to go for cash out refinance to understand worth of their value creation. They would also realize that how much their property is stable for a longer term.

Core-Plus Strategy

This os one of the best types of real estate investment strategies emphasizes on getting high-quality assets in subordinate locations. It might also involve a little old-fashioned assets in main locations, which would somehow retain their previous value. Looking for investment property that produce healthy yearly income returns over holding period of longer term. It might involve a lot of risk, and would also expect huge return in core strategy. Overall, the investment returns are estimated to be somewhere in between 7 to 10 percent of net equity.


All types of real estate investment strategies can be available to any real estate investor. Especially the ones, who are looking to invest in Islamabad and Karachi. There are several other best real estate investment ideas in the market. It entirely depends upon the real estate investors that which type of strategy he aims to implement. There several real estate agents, who would help and provide guidance for real estate finance. The investors must work with reliable and famous real estate investment consultants with best track record. For more details about such strategies, you should visit the office of Estate Land Marketing. The real estate consultants of our company are professional, and experienced enough to guide the investors about strategies of investment.

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