What is Blue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan?

What is Blue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan?


The Blue World City Islamabad is one of the under development elitehousing project in the outskirt of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It might be one ofthe most outstanding housing project that would be advanced in nature. It would have all types of world class facilities that would improve residential lifestyle. The developers have also planned to include online booking features that may make it easy for clients to reserve plots for themselves.

Some of the real estate finance experts think that the real estate business of Islamabad may witness huge revolution. The entire housing project is becoming famous among the real estate specialists because of the innovative features. This housing project includes numerous types of internet factors like online application status, or verification certificate. The developers behind this project are about to release the payment plan of Blue World City 7 marla overseas payment plan after Blue World City 4.5 Marla payment plan.

Owners and developers

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has allied with Shah Jian engineering company, a famous Chinese company to make this successful project. Both these construction companies have completed some of the most innovative construction ventures before. Both these enterprises have recruited around 300 of talented individuals to make this housing project successful. The CEO of blue group of companies is Chaudhry Saad Nazir, who want to change the real estate sector of Islamabad. Location & Map Many of real estate clients are eager to know about the location of a place, which they plan to purchase. It showcases several factors like attractiveness, safety, and reachability for the comfort of inhabitants.

The latest location update about this project shows that the entire housing project would be close to main Chakri Road right next to CPEC route. Along with that, the M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway would also be near to it alongside under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. The exciting part about this projects location is that Islamabad international airport is also few miles away from it. It might be very easy for visitors to reach here via GT road with less than one hour. Any person would be able to reach here through Bahria Town, and DHA Islamabad.

Blue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan

The owners of this housing project have recently released Blue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan that would cater to the overseas investors mainly. The developers of this housing project are working on overseas sector to gain more investment from foreigners. This sector would comprise of several world class features like mini golf club. The Masterplan of this sector shows that it is an reasonable option for the investors. The latest payment plan of this sector shows that its registration price would be around PKR 2,495,000. Other than that, one can also pay its downpayment for PKR 748,500, and 12 monthly installments for PKR 103,958. This payment plan makes it one of the amazing pricing factor of Blue World City.


A blue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan shows that this it would be a dream destination at reasonable rates. Every type of real estate investor would be able to invest their financial capital on this project. The only motive of the developers is to deliver a luxurious living experience to its investors. The amazing aspect about this housing project is its ideal location and affordable payment plan. If you want to invest your capital here, then please talk to the marketing agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our marketing team is skilled and knowledgeable enough to guide about the latest trends of real estate business.

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