Zakaria A. Zia is chosen president of the Islamabad Industrial Association

Zakaria A. Zia is chosen president of the Islamabad Industrial Association

Zakaria A. Zia is elected as the next president of the Islamabad Industrial Association. A new president has been chosen for a trade group in Islamabad called the Islamabad Industrial Association (IIA). Mian Waqas Masood is the senior vice president, and Shahid Cheema is the vice president. Mian Akram Farid, Khalid Javed, and Tariq Sadiq have all been the Islamabad Industrial Association presidents in the past. All of them have helped the industry grow. In addition, several other important people were there.

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The group only represents the business owners of nearby industrial estates like the Islamabad Capital Area and the Kahuta Industrial Triangle. Working hard to meet the needs of the Islamabad Industrial Association, led by outgoing President Tariq, has played a big part in making Islamabad known as an industrial city. It’s important to note that the Islamabad industry is now one of Pakistan’s most important.

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Ex-President Mian Akram Farid thanked the outgoing leaders of the Islamabad Industrial Association for their work. He greeted the new president, senior vice president, and executive committee.

He told them about the Co-Industrial Association’s achievements and how they were working to help the industry. He also told them about the important things the industry was worried about and how the Co-Industrial Association was working to help them.

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He said that security, tax issues, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and improving the well-being of people who work in the industry were all important things to think about. It was also important to portray the business in a good light.

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