Zone 4 vertical constructions in the Islamabad Master Plan 2040

Zone 4 vertical constructions in the Islamabad Master Plan 2040

According to Islamabad’s Master Plan 2040, vertical developments in Zone 4 are permitted. On Tuesday, 14th December, the Islamabad Master Plan Review Commission would highlight the city’s vertical growth in sub-zone D of Zone 4.

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Additionally, the committee has resolved to establish regulations for Islamabad’s Zone 4-D to support vertical development and conserving green spaces. The subzone will encompass approximately 23,618 acres. Additionally, the land is designated for agriculture, entertainment zones, sports, and relaxation. Additionally, the commission will propose a proposal to reduce the dwelling footprint in zone 4 from 55 feet to 20-25 percent.

Additionally, the commission will make recommendations for enacting and enforcing building by-laws to govern illegal buildings and housing schemes in Islamabad’s suburbs.

Margalla Road was also included in the Islamabad Master Plan, according to the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This Road is vital to six residential districts. Additionally, it will give a route for freshly established and soon to be developed communities.

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The project will cost almost Rs. 3.29 billion, of which 3% will go to the environment.

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