Burj al Jinnah-Karachi was a good investment for smart people

Burj al Jinnah-Karachi was a good investment for smart people

Savvy investors were drawn to the investment opportunities of Burj al Jinnah-Karachi. Astute investors in Karachi are being drawn to the lucrative investment opportunities offered by Burj al Jinnah, a high-rise building developed by S.M. Builders & Developers. Luxury 2- and 3-bedroom apartments are available for purchase with a 3.5-year payment plan, making them affordable for many investors.

Within a 1.25-kilometre radius, Burj al Jinnah is the tallest tower in Karachi, rising to 19 stories and housing a residential complex. A fascinating mix of amenities is available at the project, located on Main Jinnah Avenue and is unlike any other complex in the neighborhood. A significant portion of the project’s capital gains has been generated due to its excellent location. The fact that a respected developer created the construction plans, building materials, and fixtures and fittings ensures that the highest quality is maintained throughout the project.

Read more with EL news : SECP is prepared to take actions to assist Overseas Pakistanis

The following are some of the benefits of investing in this major real estate development:

Living in a 5-star hotel in an excellent location
Cutting-edge amenities.

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SECP is prepared to take actions to assist Overseas Pakistanis

SECP is prepared to take actions to assist Overseas Pakistanis

SECP is prepared to take actions to assist Overseas Pakistanis. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has done away with the need for banks to get a separate license to sell mutual funds and private pension funds to Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs).

Read more with EL news : SECP doesn’t want you to invest in “real estate segregation.”

It makes it easier for Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan to invest in mutual funds and private pension funds run by Asset Management Companies. The relief is part of SECP’s efforts to get more people to invest in Pakistan’s capital markets by making it easier to invest through RDAs..

The permission is only for banks that can open RDAs. You still need a license for transfers to accounts that aren’t RDAs. Overseas Pakistanis will invest more money if the SECP comes up with new ideas.

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Al Jalil Garden Lahore

Al Jalil Garden Lahore

Al Jalil Garden Lahore

Al Jalil Garden Housing Society is an upcoming real estate venture in Lahore that aims to provide a lavish lifestyle. The owners of this project believe that providing world-class facilities would increase the trust between them and their potential investors. They have worked on Al Noor Orchard prior to this venture, is also one of the most expensive land in Pakistan.

Owners and Developers

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is a real estate project by Al-Jalil Developers. The sole purpose of this project is to resolve the housing crisis in Pakistan by providing world-class facilities at the most reasonable rates. Some of the most prestigious developers have designed their masterplan. It aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle in a lavish, protected, peaceful, and environment-friendly society surrounded all over by beautiful lush greenery. This housing venture provides a great opportunity for real estate investors, as it is locatable on one of the most secure places.

Al-Jalil Developers has a huge contribution to Pakistan’s infrastructure and real estate sector. They started with a dream to encourage real estate investors to lead a better lifestyle about two decades ago. Since they have been endlessly working to provide innovative solutions of infrastructure by reforming the living standards of Pakistanis, so they decide to work on another housing venture known as Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme. It became the largest LDA authorized housing venture of Lahore-West within a short period, and is ranked among the prominent Housing Societies in Lahore on Installments.

NOC status

Tehsil Municipal Administrative (TMA) has already approved the No Objection Certificate of this housing project. NOC plays an important role in the legalization of a particular housing project. Once the housing society gets the NOC from the relevant authorities, it successfully gains the confidence of its investors.

Location and Map

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is locatable at Faizpur Interchange Lahore adjacent to Main Sharaqpur-Lahore Road and M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. This housing society is easily reachable from all parts of Lahore.

Some of the other access points to Al jalil garden housing scheme are as follow:

  • 4 min drive away from M-3 Multan-Lahore Motorway
  • 10 min drive away from Sagan Wala Bypass Road
  • 11 min drive away from Sargodha-Lahore Road
  • Right at the center of Jaranwala-Lahore Road
  • 2 min drive away from M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway
  • 15 min drive away from N-5 National Highway
  • Almost20 min drive away from Lahore Ring Road

The developers of this housing society had hired some World-class designers to design its master plan. The layout plan of this project rightly reveals the commitment that the developers had to make this project a success.

Al Jalil Garden Lahore location map

Payment Plan

Al Jalil Developers offer three years of easy installment plans for commercial and residential properties. The payment plan is easily reasonable, depending on the investor’s financial capability.

The prices can be changed, as per the decision of the developers. Extra Development charges are included, as of now, for residential plots. Extra charges for 40 feet wide roads would be around 5%, 10% on park facing or counterplot, 15% on 50 to 65 feet wide roads, and 20% on 65ft. above roads. Furthermore, there would be a 5% extra charge for residential property neighboring commercial areas. The management of Al jalil garden housing scheme might revisit the charges at the booking time.

Al Jalil Garden Lahore plot prices and Payment Plan

Master Plan

master plan of Al Jalil Garden housing scheme


International Standards suggest that a modern housing society is only complete if it provides state-of-the-art facilities or amenities. All Jalil housing society provides lavish facilities to fulfill the luxurious needs of its residents. Some of the facilities are as follows.

Community Centers

The purpose of community centers is to provide an opportunity for socializing and develop a strong bonding among the residents. Such activities are a beacon for society residents to mingle with each other.

Beautiful Housing Project

This housing society is aimed to present an elegant or beautiful look to the occupants so that they may have a peaceful lifestyle with all the luxurious services. The greenery is decisively entrenched throughout society to offer an exceptional lifestyle.

Huge theme park

Parks are one of the most appreciated areas of any housing society because they enable the residents to spend their leisure time with families. Developers plan a 140 Kanal theme park with world-class rides and some fast food outlets.

Waste disposal system

The administration is planning proper waste disposal and management system to avoid any uncleanliness in the society. Such a system would also efficiently drain out the rainstorm water without obstructions.

Underground Services

The developers are trying to maintain the aesthetics and view of the entire housing society. The electricity, gas, and water pipelines are placed underground to ensure that the supply remains continuous and completely benign.

Medical services

As per the global standards, this housing society would have medical services for its residents.

Sports Facilities

The developers realize that fitness is an integral part of human health. So, they are considering all the sports-related activities by developing playgrounds and other fitness clubs for the residents.

Water Filtration Plants

The management is building a water filtration plant to provide clean drinking water. Residents would also have a facility to fill the water in containers and take it to their homes.

24/7 safety

Without security measures, all the luxurious facilities are impractical. The developers would install several CCTV cameras to ensure the residents’ safety.

Why Invest in Al-Jalil Garden Lahore?

One of the unique factors to invest in Al Jalil Garden is that it aims to provide good services for the residents. This society is going to be a luxurious housing project with reasonable rates. Apart from that, this society would be an addition to the beautification of the historic city. Moreover, experienced designers took part in making this project a success. A lot of real estate experts consider this project as one of the Best Property Investments in Lahore.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Notable developers
  • Ideal location near M-2 Motorway
  • World Class infrastructure


  • The expectation of unaffordable prices after the completion
  • Not innovative facilities


The popularity of Al Jalil Gardens is increasing due to the pre-completion reasonable installment plan. This housing society has already received positive feedback from some real estate experts, as its owners are reputable in the real estate sector. So, now is the right time for real estate investors to invest in this society, as it is not complete yet. For more details, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of experienced marketing consultants and real estate experts who personally guide the investors about the rates and payments.


Q1. Who owns Al Jalil Gardens?

Al Jalil Group of companies, a prominent construction firm in Lahore, owns his project.

Q2. Where to locate it?

It is locatable on Faizpur Interchange and a few miles away from M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

Yes, this housing society is approved by TMA.

Q4. Is it a good investment?

In any real estate venture, investment in Residential plots is a reasonable business option to maintain the income. So we can say that investing in the Al Jalil Garden is a suitable option to increase capital.

Q5. How to book a plot?

You will get all the information from Estate Land Marketing. You can visit our office in City Arcade Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, or get in touch with us through our official number,

Q6. What are the sizes of the plots?

The sizes of residential plots range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.

Q7What is the concept of this housing project?

Al Jalil Garden housing is a project by Al Jalil Developers to deliver the concept of a luxurious housing society.

Q.8 Does it guarantee a high return rate on investment?

Yes, it does. Due to its ideal location with world-class infrastructure, the return rate of investment will be high.

Q.9 Are there any commercial plots available?

Yes, the designer of this project will come up with the payment plan for commercial plots soon.

Q10. Does it have an installment plan?

Yes, a three-year installment plan is offered for residential plots, as mentioned in the payment plan.

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Citi Housing Gujranwala

Citi Housing Gujranwala

Citi Housing Gujranwala

Citi housing Gujranwala is a modern housing scheme available for Gujranwala and surrounding areas. We can say that this real estate project is the best property investment in Gujranwala. Moreover, this housing society is 6700 Kanal widespread and approved under Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA). The developers of this housing society are Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, the location of this housing society is a vital aspect from the investment point of view. It lies near N-5 National Highway (GT Road

Owner & Developers

The developer of this housing society is Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, the developers have experts and professionals who know the art of developing world-class infrastructure. The owners are known for building legal housing societies all over Pakistan like Citi Housing Faisalabad, Jhelum, Multan, and Sialkot. The core idea of developers and owners is to offer homes at affordable prices. Lastly, the infrastructure is of high quality to provide high-end living standards to all the future residents.

Location & Map

Location is the most vital aspect all investors look for before investing. Moreover, the location must be close to the main area in the surroundings. This housing scheme lies at N-5 National Highway (GT Road). The vital aspect is that it is also close to Sheikhupura Road and Gujranwala Road. Other important sites near this housing society are Wapda Town Gujranwala, Satellite Town, Civil Lines, and Bilal Housing Scheme.

All these sites increase the importance of this housing society. And, the aim of developing this real estate project is to provide a high-quality living standard to all the citizens of Pakistan, especially the residents of Gujranwala and surrounding areas. Lastly, the worth of this housing project will increase with time because of its location and affordability.

citi housing gujranwala location map

NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is mandatory to gain the trust and confidence of all investors. Therefore, this housing society has a legal status to attain the spirit of its investors and future residents. This real estate project is legal under Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA). Moreover, this housing scheme has two phases: phases 1 and 2. Both of them are by the relevant authorities. So, all investors confidently invest in this housing scheme without fear of its legality.

Check NOC Status of : Blue World City

Payment Plan

The payment of the plots in this housing society is the most appealing aspect because of its affordability. Moreover, there is a provision of an installment program. The payment is payable in 12 quarterly installments. Another critical factor is to visit the site before investing is also essential to avoid any issues afterward.

The payment plan has a wide range according to the plots’ sizes and locality. Moreover, the price range starts from PKR 1,650,000/- to PKR 9,950,000/-. Although, the investors and future have to pay the booking amount and the down payment. Lastly, for more updates, you can visit the office and official website of Estate Land Marketing.

Citi Housing Gujranwala plot prices and payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan of this real estate has it all for its investors, from comfort to luxury. Moreover, this successful master plan is the planning of experts and professionals. And, to add more attraction, the developers have added a new phase in this housing society. The developers have named it Wafi Citi. Lastly, the details of the master plan are as follows:

master plan of Citi Housing Gujranwala

Phase 1

Phase 1 of this housing society has various amenities to offer its investors. Moreover, it has direct access to the GT Road on the one side, and on the other hand, there is an upper Chenab canal. The infrastructure is developing to facilitate the investors’ high-quality living standards.  Furthermore, the construction work in this phase is now complete, and residents live here with all the facilities.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is developed, where residents and investors have their perks and privileges. As compared with phase 1, there are more amenities available here. Like opera cinema, fitness center, Citi parlor, the main boulevard, parks, and playgrounds. Furthermore, most of the construction is complete, and residents have settled here.

Phase 3

Phase 3 construction and development is going at a high pace—moreover, investors and residents living here have all the facilities to have a high-quality lifestyle. The best feature this phase has is developing the following environment-friendly methods. Lastly, to know more details regarding buying and selling plots, visit the estate land marketing office or official website.

Wafi Citi

The wafi Citi is another new build phase of City Housing Gujranwala. Moreover, the best feature of this phase is the main entrance gate and a theme park. The theme park is open for everyone, especially people living nearby. Furthermore, there is an availability of villas here which adds more charm in this phase. Lastly, investing here will add comfort and luxury to all the investor’s and future resident’s life.

Citi Housing Blocks

There are a variety of blocks available in these phases. Moreover, to meet the requirement of the investors and future residents, the city housing Gujranwala now offers these blocks.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block BB
  • Block C
  • Block CC
  • Block D
  • Block DD
  • Block E

There are a variety of plots in this housing society. Moreover, all three phases have residential and commercial properties with amenities. Lastly, investing here will provide comfort and luxuries in one gated community. Details of these plots are as follows:

Residential Plots

Residential plots are the gist of any housing society. Moreover, this housing society makes sure to provide all facilities and features. The residential plots are available at affordable prices with an installment plan. Lastly, the sizes available here are:

  • 5 Marlas
  • 10 Marlas
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties are necessary to help grow economically. Moreover, investors can buy commercial properties and generate money by renting or selling property. And, residents can also rent any property or start their own business. Lastly, the plot size available here is five marlas, available at an affordable price.

Development Status

The construction work in this real estate is going at a high pace. Most of the phases have completed the construction work. Moreover, the investment is also coming in these phases quickly. The best feature of this housing society has for its investors is the Amenities for its residents. There are various facilities available here that are vital for living high-quality living standards. Lastly, this is the right time to invest here because the prices will increase in the coming times. Contact the expert and professional realtor to know more details about buying plots.


There are various features that this housing society has to offer. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mosque
  • Education and medical facilities
  • Grocery shops with malls
  • Playgrounds and theme parks
  • Zoo
  • Entertainment hub
  • Commercial areas
  • Wide roads with high-quality infrastructure
  • Administrative office
  • Grid station


There are a bunch of amenities available in this real estate project. some of them are as follows:

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

The project is developing to meet international eco-friendly standards. All these measures are here to help stop environmental damage. Moreover, there is a plantation drive to increase the fresh and serene surroundings.

Education and Health Care Facilities

Education is another necessary facility to help the residents, and this housing society has arranged a high-quality education system for its investors. There is a provision of Beacon house Citi Campus. Moreover, to meet the medical needs of investors and residents, a Citi Medi Care Hospital has all the essential equipment needed in times of emergency.

Grand Mosque

Religious obligations are what every resident looks for before making a dream home. Therefore, this housing scheme provides a Mosque where all residents can quickly go and fulfill their religious obligations. Lastly, the grand mosque has a high-quality infrastructure and is highly accessible to all the residents.

Community Center

The housing society has an administrative office to answer all the queries of investors and residents; there is an administrative office available. Moreover, all the complaints can also register here. As we know, Citi housing Gujranwala is here to facilities the resident with the best living experience.

Business Opportunities

The commercial plot will help the residents and investors start their businesses and generate money. Moreover, there is an option to make rental property, which will also be valuable to passive income. Another best aspect is the affordability of plots here. So anyone can buy a property here and gain high practical monetary benefits.

11 kV Grid Station and Basic Necessities

There is a provision of a grid station, so there will be 24/7 availability of electricity. Moreover, without necessities, living standards will compromise. There is also the availability of gas and water supply to facilitate the residents and investors.

High-Quality Infrastructure

This housing project makes sure to provide high-quality infrastructure to its investors. Moreover, every developing project offers a high-end lifestyle to the residents, from roads to buildings. The other vital aspect is the project’s location, making it a valuable investment in the Gujranwala.

Adequate Security Arrangement

The availability of 24/7 CCTV cameras ensures the security level of this real estate project. Furthermore,  guards are also there to mitigate any disturbance in the community. Lastly, we know that security is vital to strive for a peaceful life.

Pros & Cons

Despite all these facilities and features, this housing offers some pros and cons. These are as follows:


  • 24/7 availability of all necessities
  • Grand Mosque
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospital and health care units
  • Themeparks and grounds for recreational activities
  • Sceneic views of chenab
  • Malls, markets, grocery shops
  • Environmental friendly lifestyle
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Fully secured community


  • The only con this housing society has is the perception of high prices.

Why Invest in Citi Housing Gujranwala?

Investing in Citi Housing Gujranwala has it all for its investors. Moreover, this real estate society facilitates its residents from comfort to luxury. The central aspect that all investors look for is any community’s legality. Therefore, this community has a NOC status from the Gujranwala Development Authority. Another vital feature is location, which is close to all the important sites of the surroundings.

Furthermore,  the prices of plots are also affordable with the provision of an installment program to ease the investors. Despite all these benefits, the master plan is here with all amenities. Therefore, investment here will be precious for all the investors and residents. And, to know more about investing here, visit the official website or the office of Estate Land Marketing.


Citi housing Gujranwala is the futuristic and modern housing society developing in the surrounding of the Gujranwala. Moreover, the master plan is here with all necessities and luxuries for its investors. The other best feature is the locality of this housing project, which is here for all the residents at affordable prices. Furthermore, there is also an installment program to facilitate the residents and investors. Investing here will be a valuable asset because the value of this investment will seek a spike after some time. Lastly, to know more about buying and selling the plots, visit the site and seek guidance from a professional realtor.


Q1. What is the Citi Housing Gujranwala?

It is a housing society at Gujranwala.

Q2. Where is it located?

It is at Gujranwala, N-5 National Highway GT Road.

Q3. Why is this society different?

This real estate project has it all for its investors, from comfort to luxuries in a single community.

Q4. Is this housing society legal?

Yes! This housing project is legal and has a NOC from Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA).

Q5. Is this housing society affordable?

As compared to its locality and amenities, this housing scheme is affordable.

Q6. Is there is a provision for an installment plan?

Yes! There is an installment program to ease the investors and residents.

Q7. Who are the developers of this housing society?

The developers of this housing society are Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd

Q8. Is the location of this housing society accessible?

The location of this real estate project is highly accessible from all the binding sites from the surroundings.

Q9. Is there an availability of commercial plots?

Yes! There is an availability of Commercial plots at affordable prices to help grow the community economically.

Q10. Will this investment be a valuable asset?

Of course! The housing society offers various amenities at affordable prices.

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SECP doesn't want you to invest in "real estate segregation."

SECP doesn’t want you to invest in “real estate segregation.”

SECP doesn’t want you to invest in “real estate segregation.” People who read the news say that on Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) warned the public that some companies would invest in fake investment programs that were advertised on their websites.

Citizens should not invest in schemes that aren’t real, the SECP says.

Companies on the stock market are reportedly using their websites and online platforms to sell some of their real estate assets to people. The Commission has reportedly warned them. This doesn’t seem right. Some of these companies haven’t been given permission by the SECP to do these things under the Commission’s rules in the sandbox.

Read more with EL news : RMC to inspect the commercial building, remove encroachments

People can’t sell securities to the general public without the permission of the SECP, according to Article 87 (2) of the Securities Act of 2015. Authorities have already taken legal action against the company that was reported to have done something illegal.

SECP says there has been a big rise in the number of businesses that deal with construction.

SECP also made an official statement to warn the public. To help the people, they should be told not to spend their hard-earned money on unauthorized systems.

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RMC to inspect the commercial buildings remove encroachments

RMC to inspect the commercial buildings remove encroachments

RMC to inspect the commercial buildings remove encroachments. He said that the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) would soon start a project to check on the condition of commercial buildings in this area soon. They also plan to remove the area’s encroachments that fall under its jurisdiction.

Many schools and businesses are being shut down in residential areas by the Rawalpindi Cantonments Board. There has been a rise in illegal encroachments and constructions over the last three years in the city, Mayor Khan said, and he wants to stop them. According to him, all commercial buildings in the area will be checked by the local government to see if they are safe. The local government will decide whether or not to check to see if the buildings were built before they had the permissions. People say that most buildings were built without building plans approved by the city.

Read more with EL news : Scheme 36 is owned by the Karachi Development Authority by SHC rules

The mayor said that the RMC would tell him how many illegal buildings were legal after the city fined them.

Band Khana Road was built 40 years ago to the Kuri and Sadiqabad roads. An official from the RMC said that the road was built as an alternative. It is a residential area, but the houses next to the road have been turned into businesses. The main roadblocks are the houses next to the road. The official also said that most of the plazas and workshops are built without permission from the city’s government. People also learned that several buildings on Liaquat Road, Sadiqabad, and Murree Road were breaking the law.

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In the LDA, fees for land conversion for a medical college can be waived

In the LDA, fees for land conversion for a medical college can be waived

In the LDA, fees for land conversion for a medical college can be waived. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) changed its land-use regulations for 2020. Under the new rules, the land conversion fee for charitable organizations didn’t have to be paid (December 20).

When WAPDA tried to get permission to build a dam, the LDA turned it down several times before changing its rules. The government has made an application for a conversion fee exemption, along with a trust registration certificate from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). It was said that the authorities decided to change the rules so that they would be in line with the laws of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The Lahore division of the LDA has been told to come up with a master plan.

The WAPDA Medical College Trust exchange fee of Rs 54 million has been waived for the first time in 2019. However, because of LDA building and zoning rules, the agency had to pay an interchange fee and make sure there was enough parking and a 9-foot home line on the site. Later, WAPDA asked for a payment plan. It was approved in November 2019. Then, the agency was asked to pay the conversion fee in eight instalments of 6.8 million rupees to pay for the service.

Read more with EL news : RMC decided to inspect the commercial building and clear encroachments

During the exchange of university information, it was said that a medical college in Abdul Sattar Eddie Road was being built in Phase II of WAPDA City. The agency has given 47 canal lands to the school.

Charity groups like the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center and the Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust have also asked the LDA to do the same thing. They want to set up a new university in Lahore called New Aligarh University.

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Pakistan and Uzbekistan to speed up Trans Afghan Railway

Pakistan and Uzbekistan to speed up Trans Afghan Railway

Pakistan and Uzbekistan to speed up Trans Afghan Railway. Pakistan and Uzbekistan have agreed to speed up the construction of the Trans Afghan Railway, which runs from Tashkent to Kabul and Islamabad. The two agreed to the plan during a meeting between Pakistan’s Minister for Railways, Azam Khan Swati, and the Minister of Transportation in Uzbekistan.

The Railway Minister said that had taken steps to finish the project. He said that Uzbekistan would be able to get to the Arabian seaports of Karachi (Gawadar and Bin Qasim) with ease under this project.

It looks like the Narowal-Kartarpur rail line will be resurrected by Pakistan Railways.

Read more with EL news : Scheme 36 is owned by the Karachi Development Authority by SHC rules

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan signed the Trans Afghan Railway project earlier this year. It is important because it means that the project will be built. This project will build a rail line that will connect Central Asia to the Arabian Seaports. Termez, Uzbekistan, will be the next stop on the planned route. It will go from Afghanistan’s Mazar-e-Sharif to Kabul, then Peshawar, Pakistan. The project will allow Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan to sell worldwide through sea routes.

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PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road

PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road

PM Imran opens Skardu International Airport and the Jaglot-Skardu road during a day-long visit. He opened the Skardu International Airport and a road on Thursday during a visit to the region that lasted a little over a day.

The airport in Skardu used only to be used for domestic flights. However, on December 2, it became even more important because it also began to accept international flights.

Prime Minister: When he spoke to a large crowd at Municipal Stadium Skardu, he said that turning the stadium into an international airport would make many changes for the people who live there.

Britain has the “most beautiful mountain scenery in the world,” but people don’t know enough about it because it’s hard to get there.

He said that after the airport and the road were upgraded, many tourists, both from Pakistan and from other countries, would come.

A big part of Pakistan’s wealth could come from tourism, said the man. If Switzerland could make $70 billion from tourism, then Pakistan could make a lot of money from tourism all year long. In Great Britain alone, he said, “We can make at least $30 to $40 billion from tourism.”

Read more with EL news : Commissioner: Section 4 was used to get land for the Leh Expressway

The prime minister also talked about religious tourism and the untapped potential of a long stretch of the coast. “We haven’t taken advantage of the good things that God has given us,” he said.

That’s what he said, and he said the locals would benefit most from the rise in tourism because they no longer had to go far to find jobs. To find work, people would come to their area.

The prime minister said that no country could grow until it lifts its poor and improves its backward and neglected areas.

When our five years are done, I hope that the lives of those who live below the poverty line will be better.

When the Prime Minister was in Skardu, the PM’s office said that he also planned to preside over meetings on multiple development projects and review the one-year performance of the government in his region, Gilgit and Baltistan.

People who work for the National Highway Authority say that the road is a gift from the democratic government to the people who live there. “The main strategic road” that connects GB with the Karakoram Highway at Jaglot is a 167-mile road, he said.

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AIOU, JICA to provide skill training on CPEC projects

AIOU, JICA to provide skill training on CPEC projects

AIOU, JICA to provide skill training on CPEC projects. AIOU and the Japan International Cooperation Agency are working together to help people who live in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) along the China Pakistan Economic Corridor get skills-based training. This project will help people who live in the SEZs (CPEC).

Aiou’s vice chancellor says that training will start in Rashakai and the Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) Industrial Zones first, and then it will be expanded to all other SEZs. He also said that the university has made a special course for people in the area to learn. The course was made with the needs of the industrial zones in mind so that people could easily find jobs and benefit from the multi-billion dollar CPEC project, he said.

Read more with EL news : CDA pounder for securing land in Margalla Hill’s historic communities

The VC hoped that this would be a long-term way to get local people involved. This is what he said: The university was already making courses in this area. The vice-chancellor said that its main goal has been to teach people how to do things with their hands since the university was founded.

The JWG talks about science and IT-related CPEC projects.

He said that the university has made special courses in Information Technology (IT), tractor repair, poultry, and farming to help people learn the skills they need.

He said she could learn how to sew and embroider through private partnerships with the university. They said that the university was giving people education no matter their age, gender, or background. Also, he said there was no age limit on getting education from AIOU and that free education was also available to transgenders, prisoners of war (and their children), and people who lost their lives. Further, he said that orphans and poor students were also getting a break. He said that the university was also going to expand educational program for people who are in jail. He said that there have already been meetings with Inspectors General (IGs) so that children who were in jail with their mothers could get an education. This is what he said.

The vice-chancellor said that 45 members would be sent to do a Ph.D. in another country on the university’s dime. They would also get help with human resources and administration.

Also, he said, the admission process was broken up into stages for the benefit of students. Papers were also sent to other regional offices to be marked at random, reducing the burden on the main campus.

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