Airport Green Garden Islamabad

Airport Green Garden Islamabad

Airport Green Garden

Airport Green Garden, an environmentally friendly residential project located just next to the Islamabad International Airport, has attracted the interest of real estate investors & regular home purchasers due to its top-notch services and inexpensive property rates. Islamabad has often been regarded as one of the most significant locations to invest in Pakistan due to its breathtaking scenery, secure atmosphere, and modern lifestyle. A variety of abundant housing complexes are in various stages of development in the capital city, which is positioned at the foothills of the majestic Margalla Hills. One of these projects is the Islamabad Airport Green Garden.

Developers and Owners

The Airport Green Garden Pvt. Ltd. has created an outstanding project in Islamabad. It is a privately held corporation that has been in operation since 2016. Their main goal is to become the real estate industry’s top service provider. They guarantee on-time delivery without sacrificing quality, and they go above and above for their valued customers. They invested in a lot of effort to keep their reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. The architects combine the best quality materials resources, attractive designs, and architectural expertise to build world-class housing complexes. The owners of the housing society are honest and trustworthy.

Location Map

One of the most appealing qualities of Airport Green Garden is its location in Islamabad. The project is close to the New Islamabad International Airport, and we can reach it simply via the Kashmir Highway and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). Top City 1, a residential society, is conveniently located adjacent to Airport Green Garden, while Mumtaz City, as well as University Town, are also nearby. This project is 5 kilometers from the Rawalpindi Islamabad Motorway Interchange, whilst the famous Eighteen Islamabad project is only 6 kilometers away from Airport Green Garden. The society is one of the best-located housing developments in the Twin Cities, near the airport and close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

The site is so appropriate that it makes it possible you access out to more cities and villages around this one via different routes; head south on GT Road and Rawalpindi is straight there, take M-1, then you will enter Peshawar in few minutes, after that it led directly all the way to Kohat, keep driving on Kashmir Highway. You enter Blue Area Islamabad in less than 30 minutes.

Airport Green Garden Islamabad location map

Landmarks and Locations in the Area

Nearby landmarks and locations enhance the value of the site. Because it is bordered by other residential areas, market segments, and academic institutions, notably top-ranked schools, institutions, and universities, the housing surroundings are critical. Hospitals and restaurants can be found throughout the neighborhood, with services available 24/7. In addition, the Pakistan Monument, Pharwala, Pakistan Museum of National History, Rawat Fort, & Shah Allah Ditta Caves are all within walking distance of the society.

NOC Status

Rawalpindi Development Authority has accepted the housing society’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) (RDA). RDA supervises all of society’s processing. The residential venture’s development meets all legal requirements.

Master Plan

The proposed development promises a wide distribution of well-paved roads and open plan boulevards, as well as an undisrupted generation of power, subterranean cable connections, lush green belts as well as green areas, well-equipped healthcare centers, international-standard education institutions, masjid, commercial spaces, recreational locations, as well as more. It’s essentially a city inside a city, with the goal of providing all of the facilities and services necessary for a high-quality lifestyle to its citizens. The Airport Green Garden Islamabad master plan is divided into three sections: Block A, Block B, & Block C. The property in the first phase covers an over-all of 2148 Kanal. Both residential and commercial plots are offered in the housing community. The following is the master plan.

The gated neighborhood of Airport Green Garden Islamabad is also known for its secure setting, tranquil surroundings, and convenient location. Currently, the Airport Green Garden in Islamabad sells residential plots in sizes of 5 marlas, eight marlas, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal. In the housing development, there are also commercial plots and farmhouse plots for sale. Under the Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, a high-rise condo building will also be built at Airport Green Garden. It’s also worth noting that the Rawalpindi Development Authority has given its approval to the Airport Green Garden project (RDA).

master plan of Airport Green Garden Islamabad


The following are few of the most notable characteristics:

  • Well-organized and well-planned.
  • The infrastructure is of high quality.
  • The roads are carpeted.
  • The community has received NOC approval.
  • The CCTV surveillance system provides a high level of protection.
  • Healthcare and medical services are available.
  • An excellent educational system.
  • A well-thought-out sewage system.
  • Parks and playgrounds.

Residential Properties

The following are the dimensions of residential properties in this society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Residential Payment Plans

Residential Plots include a payment plan that consists of a 30% down deposit and eight quarterly installments.

The 5 Marla land is being sold for Rs. 3,200,000 with a 30% down a deposit of Rs. 960,000. The 8 Marla property is priced at Rs. 4,400,000 with a 30% deposit of Rs. 1,320,000. The cost of a 10 Marla Plot is Rs. 5,500,000 with a 30% down payment of Rs. 1,650,000. The cost of a 1 Kanal Plot is Rs. 9,500,000 with a 30% down payment of Rs. 2,850,000.

On a 30% down payment of Rs. 6,900,000, the Farm House total market price of 80 x 218 (1938 Sq. Yd.) is Rs. 23,000,000. On a 30% down deposit of Rs. 7,800,000.00, the Farm House selling price of 90 x 218 (2180 Sq. Yd.) is 26,000,000. A 10% DISCOUNT is available to those who purchase the property in full payment.

Airport Green Garden Islamabad residential payment plan

Commercial Plots

The price of the 40 x 60 (266.66 Sq. Yd.) property is Rs. 34,665,800, with a 30% down deposit of Rs. 10,399,998. On a 30% down deposit of Rs. 12,999,900, the 50 x 60 (333.33 Sq. Yd.) property costs Rs. 43,332,900. On a 30% down deposit of Rs 47,666,580, the current price of the 110 x 100 (1222.22 Sq. Yd.) property is 158,888,600.

Commercial Payment Plans

Commercial sites on the main roadway are 50 x 70 feet (388.88 sq. Yd.). The property is for sale for Rs. 62,220,800, with a 30% down payment of Rs. 18,666,000. The commercial plots at mini-markets are 40 x 60 and 50 x 50, respectively. 40 x 60 (266.66 Sq. Yd.) plot is worth Rs. 26,666,000 with a 30% down a deposit of Rs. 7,999,800. On a 30% down deposit of Rs. 8,333,400, the purchasing price of 50 x 50 (277.78 Sq. Yd.) Property is 27,778,000.

Airport Green Garden Islamabad commercial payment plan

Development Status

The Airport Green Garden housing complex in Islamabad is rapidly evolving. In society, underground electric wires are being installed at the same time that roadways are being paved. This fantastic house project is now in the building phase. The project development is moving along quickly, as per the most latest entries from our sources. Heavy equipment has recently started arriving on-site, and we are confident that the developers will complete the work on time. Sky-line flats, a Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme project, is also under development in the residential society.

Facilities and Amenities

The Airport Green Garden Islamabad is noted for its luxury and exclusivity and its facilities and amenities. The most enjoyable part of society is ensuring that all facilities are of the highest possible quality. The characteristics listed below contribute to a welcoming atmosphere for both investments and inhabitants.

A Safe and Secure Environment

Everyone wants to reside in a stable and comfortable setting. It’s a housing company that claims to provide the best living conditions available. It achieves this by creating a wholly guarded and safe neighborhood.

Availability of Water, Gas, & Electricity

The proposed development is well-known for providing high-quality services. It guarantees that water, gas, as well as electricity, will be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

High-Quality Education System

Education has a significant impact on one’s personality. The lodging society’s creators guarantee a high-quality school system comprised of educational establishments that deliver the most outstanding possible schooling. In the housing society, schools and colleges cut commute lengths, conserve fuel, and also save time.

A Healthy Environment

The gated community provides a pollution-free environment. There is a perfect sanitary strategy in place to ensure that residents live in a healthy atmosphere.

Commercial Hubs and Parks

Leading a peaceful and positive lifestyle requires entertainment. Residents of the housing scheme are allowed to access the commercial center and parks, allowing them to relish every aspect of their lives.

General Hospital

The Airport Green Garden Project includes a one-of-a-kind contemporary health center with a network of specialists and paramedical staff ready to help patients in whatever way they can.

Pros and Cons


Undisrupted Electricity Supply

The housing society is free of the challenges associated with load shedding in large cities, and inhabitants will have reliable electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The developers have prioritized the installation of subterranean services so that investors can be confident in their decision to invest in Airport Green Gardens.

Gated Community

Within its own gated community, green garden Islamabad will give the highest level of security possible. There are surveillance cameras, patrol cars, and security guards stationed throughout the lodging society.

Natural Attractions

We are delighted to report that the housing society is encircled by stunning scenery and an unmistakable sense of calm. The calm is also preserved in the Airport Green Garden Islamabad. Along with artificially developed structures, there will be landscaping to provide natural beauties.

International Standard Schools

Inhabitants will not have to exit the lodging community for any of their requirements, and the developers will construct academic institutions within the society as well. To ensure high-quality education, these institutions will be run by the most qualified persons and a well-trained group of instructors.


A Lodging Society with a Small Budget

Green Garden at the Airport Islamabad has a lot to offer in terms of amenities and living circumstances. It is not as lavish as other prominent real estate developments such as Taj Residencia, Capital Smart City, & Eighteen Islamabad.

Perception of Faraway

Since the proposed development is located outside the city, investors and locals perceive this project as it is located far away from the city’s central downtown. However, the main commercial areas and all central locations are just a few minute’s drive away by easy access from the Kashmir Highway.

Why Invest in Airport Green Gardens?

There are various advantages to investing in Airport Garden Greens for investors. If smartly invested, this development can offer a 100 percent financial benefit. Investing in the property market has various perks. An investor’s financial stability is established when he engages in the real estate market, especially in top real estate projects such as Airport Garden Greens. In the realm of real estate, rates do not seem to be declining. Instead, they’re only rising.

The person can lend money now and pay it back later, or he can buy a piece of land or another sort of property, establish it, and then flip it for a profit in a few years. It refers to how income is sustained throughout time. Investors must not miss out on the opportunity to participate in a successful and healthy project.

The builders have created a strategic residential society that is dependable, trustworthy, and practical. People can enhance their living conditions by purchasing houses or apartments. Investors can freely participate in this housing development business because the return on investment on this real estate property improves every year, guaranteeing that the project’s money will be profitable. Following are a few reasons why to invest in the project:

Relaxed Atmosphere

A healthy lifestyle demands a tranquil environment free of pollutants. It allows us to connect with nature. Because nature is usually soothing and comforting, residents may take in the fresh, clean air and enjoy the vegetation surrounding them. In addition, the developers have installed a faultless drainage system guaranteeing that residents may live in a clean & environmentally pleasant environment.

Leading Service Provided

Residents have access to the most luxurious amenities supplied by the housing endeavor. A safe space, hospital attention, academic institutions, clean water, electricity, gas, playgrounds, parks, play areas, mosques, shopping malls, retail stores, banking and ATMs, and much more are all available to people.

Inexpensive Lodging Society

Investors have a one-of-a-kind possibility to invest in a modest housing society that has become relatively popular due to its affordable costs. Investors can get a good deal and live a lavish life.

Approved NOC

Airport Green Garden is a member of the Approved Lodging Society. The RDA has approved the housing society in Islamabad. One of the practical benefits of investing in this residential complex is this. RDA oversees the entire working procedure. The housing project’s design and construction meet all legal requirements.

Pro Advice

Before investing, make sure you follow these tips and tricks:

  • Investors should review the project plan thoroughly.
  • They should understand the intricacies of installment arrangements.
  • Investors should obtain expert guidance before purchasing any land.
  • They could go to the site and double-check everything before submitting it.

To purchase the plots in this society, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Clientele) for international clients
  • Two duplicates of your national identification card (CNIC)
  • Two copies of the next of kin’s identity card

The following is the method to follow when booking a property:

  • Pay a visit to the corporate headquarters.
  • Carefully complete the booking application form.
  • Attach the Applicant’s and Nominee’s CNIC copies.
  • Make a down payment to “Airport Green Garden Islamabad” by check or money order.
  • You can also pay with cash.
  • Obtain the receipt after submitting the documents.
  • Within 8 to 10 working days, receive the file.


Airport Green Garden Islamabad is a well-designed residential community with significant investment potential. The project’s strategic location in Islamabad appeals to investors due to its proximity to the motorway, the CPEC, the international airport, and, obviously, its location between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, it is a development that they will create in accordance with worldwide development standards. Plots of various sizes are offered at affordable prices. Indeed, the builders are providing investors with simple payment plans. Finally, it is an excellent investment alternative for maximizing returns on a wise investment.


Q1 – Where is the proposed development located?

The gated neighborhood lies near the Kashmir Highway, close to the Islamabad International Airport.

Q2 – Who are the proprietors and developers of Islamabad’s Airport Green Garden?

The developer of this outstanding lodging society is the Airport Green Garden Private Limited.

Q3 – In the lodging society, how many blocks are there?

The lodging society is distributed into three blocks: Block A, Block B, and Block C.

Q4 – Are there any subterranean utilities in Islamabad’s Airport Green Garden?

Yes, water, gas, and electricity are given by subterranean conduits.

Q5 – Is there a payment schedule for this lodging society?

Yes, a flexible payment plan is available for booking.

Q6 – What types of plots are offered in Airport Green Gardens?

Residential, farmhouse and commercial plots are currently available for purchase at Airport Green Garden.

Q7 – What sizes of plots are available in the project?

Residential plots of 5 marlas, eight marlas, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal are available in the housing development.

Q8 – Which of the airport garden’s features are the most significant?

The below are some of the most important aspects of this residential project:

  • Essential services are available.
  • Commercial areas with their access
  • The environment that is safe and secure
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Institutions of higher learning
  • Theme park

Q9 – What is the airport Green Garden registration fee?

The Airport Green Garden Islamabad registration cost is PKR 5,000.

Q10 – Is it a legitimate lodging society?

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted this lodging society’s NOC (RDA).

Q11 – Is there any payment discount at Airport Green Garden Islamabad?

Yes, if customers pay in full, they will receive a 10% discount.

Q12 – How do I reserve a plot in the property?

Step 1: To fill out the form online, go to the official site of Airport Green Garden, then click upon this green ‘Booking Form’ button. The form is also available for free at their booking office.

Step 2: Submit a draft/pay order in the account of Airport Green Garden Pvt. Ltd., or send your registration fee straight into one of the accounts listed below:

Bank Alfalah: IBAN: PK39ALFH0234001005316578

Faysal Bank: IBAN: PK86FAYS3152301900228444

Step 3: Send soft copies of your legitimate Computerized National Identity Card and transaction receipt. If you’re submitting by hand, make photocopies of these files and include them with your completed registration form.

According to the official website, the plot allocation letter is usually available within two working days, while the allotment or transference letter is generally available after a week.

To Read more about similar establishments in the area such as Capital Smart City please visit our blog section at Estate Land Marketing.


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