Bar codes will be added to layout files in Kuri Model Village by CDA

Bar codes will be added to layout files in Kuri Model Village by CDA

Islamabad: To stop fraudulent allotments, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) will for the first time add bar codes to the files of those impacted by land sales in Kuri Model Village, according to a news source on November 4.

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The municipal organization is preparing to resume development efforts in the long-stalled Kuri Model Village, according to the news source. The Islamabad High Court (IHC) gave the CDA instructions in September of this year to start development work within a month, and they are acting on those instructions. To find instances of built-up property, a team headed by Member Estate Tariq Salam visited the site with the participation of DDG Enforcement Shah Jahan, Deputy Commissioner Sardar Asif, Deputy Director General of Planning (DDG) Arshad Chohan, and others.

The actions adopted to hasten the issuance of allotment letters and the start of development activity will be included in a report that the CDA is now scheduled to submit to the IHC. Although the CDA had bought property for the model village’s development decades prior, not much progress had been made on the project until the land award was made public. Situated in Zone IV, the model village is slated to be built on more than 3,200 acres across the Kuri, Majohan, and Rehara revenue estates.

Additionally, the CDA management has chosen to carry out the development work in stages, with the first stage concentrating on Kuri’s revenue estate, which includes the four suggested blocks (A to D). In the meantime, the appropriate department has been directed by CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq to begin barcoding plot data and lessen the involvement of middlemen like real estate brokers. He underlined the importance of transparently issuing allocation letters to each of the 2,700 impacted parties.

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