Park View City downtown commercial Investment details

Park View City downtown commercial Investment details

Park View City commercial – downtown, is one of the most visited and talked about blocks within the society. Moreover, an investment is something that needs to offer a gamut of things to the investments for a future which is high-end, magnificent, and of international standard. Park View City management offers just this and a whole lot more. Anyhow, we will be encapsulating all the details about park view city downtown commercial, the amenities it has to bring to the table and much more.

Furthermore, talking about the incredible and magnificent facets of the venture – from ideal location, exceedingly feasible payment plan to exceptional master plan, an investor is covered by every angle. Even in this block too, the investment is nothing short than perfect secure venture.

Park View City Islamabad

Park view city is a venture of real estate security, safety, and most importantly – a balanced lifestyle. Luxuries, comforts, and more amenities is something that makes the society stand out. Talking about multiple property types and what they have to offer, let’s have a look some of the available Park View blocks within the venture.

  • Hills Estate
  • B Block
  • park view city downtown
  • Block A
  • Residential
  • Block J

These and many more blocks which are all an epitome of magnificence and impeccable stand point. Now, we will dive deep into everything that Park View Downtown Commercial has to offer to the investors. Also do note that Park View City legal status is also approved. Furthermore, some pertinent factors which truly make the its investment worthwhile.

Incredible Location

Before jumping   ahead, let’s be extremely crucial to the fact that Park View as a society has a location which is extremely ideal and commercial. Therefore, gives a sense of a balanced personal and professional lifestyle. Residing on Malot road, Zone-IV, the venture has a benefit of having all blocks within it at a most important location.

The greenery surrounding the society is something that gives a sense of great serenity, calmness, and most importantly magnificent views. Moreover, the presence of almost 200 Kanal lake in the center and offering high-end retail and shopping centers create a mega difference. In addition, it is also right next to the Block J so the number of benefits just double. So, making an investment in the park view city commercial plot is surely going to be a successful venture.

Payment plan

Talking about the easiest and most feasible payment plan of the block, it is important to mention that in spite of having huge diversity within it, the investors can venture out in the easiest payment plan. Furthermore, here is how it goes.

  • 6 Marla in the society costs 70,000,000 along with the booking price (17,500,000) which is the 25% of the total pricing. Apart from that, there are 8 quarterly installments, which is 8,750,000. These 6 Marla are in the B comm.
  • For C comm, the investors will have to pay 70,000,000 in total for 6 Marla. Along with the same 17,500,000 as the booking payment. Moreover, for the quarterly installments- 8,750,000.
  • In D comm, the total price for 6 Marla is 100,000,000 along with 25,000,000 as the down payment. 12,500,000 is for the 8 quarterly installments.
  • park view city 8 Marla commercial costs 100,000,000. Along with that, the investors will have to pay 25,000,000 as the down payment. Moreover, for the 8 quarterly installments, the pricing is 12,500,000.

Apart from that, park view city commercial plot range also offers in the Kanals. Here is the payment plan though;

  • For 1 Kanal in the commercial downtown, the pricing is 190,000,000. For down payment, one will have to pay 38,000,000 which is the 25% of the total pricing. For the 8 quarterly installments, the prices are 19,000,000.
  • Moreover, for investors looking for 1 Kanal in the corner side of the block, the total price is 200,000,000 along with 40,000,000 as the booking price. For 8 quarterly installments, it will be 20,000,000.

These were the easiest and most ideal payment prices for the block. Moreover, very rarely does any block offer such feasible and affordable pricing for such incredible infrastructure and lifestyle.

Commercial Hub

While being on the topic of an ideal investment, the balance of a personal and professional life is important. One of the best Park View City Investment Reasons. Therefore, Park View City downtown commercial provides exactly the same. There are endless commercial opportunities, ranging from entertainment, shopping centers to fun and games. Along with that, investors will also have innumerable professional possibilities too, having entrepreneurial options included.


Park View City Islamabad is a venture that encapsulates what a perfect and ideal investment offers. Moreover, we also recommend making a timely investment to secure the future. It is so because investment like these do not come very often in a lifetime. Therefore, be thoughtful and well, Estate Land Marketing is also there to help you get on the right investment track.

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