Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi


Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi is an upcoming housing project with the SCBA approval. It is locatable at M-9 Motorway. Bin Ahsan Developers are the owner of this project . This housing project has all types of lavish features that are desire of every household. It is a lush green housing project with huge amount of area dedicated to green parks and tree plantation. Now, this project is available for local and foreign investment. After Seven Wonders City, it is popular among real estate experts

Owners and Developers

The developers of this housing project are Bin Ahsan Builders & Developers, who are well known for their work in the real estate industry. Bin Ahsan Developers have delivered several real estate projects with no compromises of quality development. The developers have a highly qualified team of experienced real estate designers and marketers. The team also involves skilled engineers, architects and other contractors to ensure quality development of their projects. The developers are constructing the plots with the purpose to build large residential sectors.

NOC Status

The owners of this housing project have received the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Sindh Development Authority and Sindh Building Control Authority. The approval of NOC have guaranteed greater chances of speedy development and completion of this housing project.

Location and Map

Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi has an ideal location, as it is situated at M-9 Motorway. The prime location is one of the biggest factors for the importance of any housing project. For instance, the location of Blue World City Islamabad makes it a suitable project for investment. Location determines whether a particular housing project is reachable, or not. This housing project is reachable from the following other ways

  • Locatable at M-9 Motorway
  • Only 5 min drive away from Kirthar National Park Road
  • Almost 21 min drive away from M-9 N-5 Link Road


Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi Master Plan

The master plan of this housing project has been efficiently designed and much different from other housing projects. The layout plan of this project contains all types of lavish facilities, and it ensures quality development. As of now, this project offers several facilities that are part of the layout plan with a zero-tolerance policy over quality development. This housing project is offering open 120 to 240 square yards residential plots, and 100 square yards commercial plots at the most affordable rates.

Payment Plan

Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi has an affordable payment plan with a flexible installment schedule. An extra charge of 10% would be charged for the corner, main boulevard, west open, road facing, and other homes near the park.

Payment Plan


The Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi has all the types of world class facilities and other services at affordable rates. The facilities are an important part of any modern luxurious housing project, as they make the entire project as a complete residential scheme. Following are some of its main facilities that grab the attention of real estate investors.

Eco friendly

The developers of this project have reserved a huge area for the development of green areas such as parks, or botanical Gardens. Furthermore, this housing project would provide an eco-friendly environment that is close-to-the-natural lifestyle with all the modern facilities. Such eco-friendly environment would result in a unique experience for the residents that could not be found in any other housing projects of Pakistan.

Grand Mosque 

The owners of these housing projects would cater to all the needs of their residents, which also includes the religious one. For this reason, the developers are going to build a stunning grand Jamia mosque, which would facilitate the worshippers. This would be an intelligent mosque with all the innovative features.


The graveyard is an important part of any housing project. As life and death are the essential parts of life; so, the residents would have a facility near their homes, where they would be able to bury their deceased loved one, and pray for their success in eternal life. Apart from that, they would also be able to visit the graves of their loved ones within the housing project. There won’t be any need for them to go somewhere far to bury their deceased relatives.

Civic Centers

In order to keep their residents socially active, the developers are planning to build several community centers. Those centers would be proved as a good example of social life. The residents would also be able to enjoy all other social activities, and participate in them too.

Water Resources:

The developers have also taken the water needs of residents into consideration. So, they are going to build several water reservoirs that would be able to store a huge amount of water. Moreover, filtration plants would also be built, so that the residents get clean water. 

Why Invest in Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi?

Bin Ahsan Green City has the best location at M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, and several other popular areas are located in the proximity of this housing project. Some of the prominent destinations in Karachi such as The University of Karachi and Jinnah International Airport are only few miles away from this housing project. Currently, this project is offer various residential and commercial plots of different sizes at affordable rates, similar to that of Marwa Hill View Karachi.

The real estate investors have the good opportunity to make their investment worthy by investing in this project. It provides a very secure environment to its residents along with lavish facilities. The main priority of the owners of this project is to provide luxurious and environment friendly housing to the investors. They are also building several parks, where the residents would be spending their leisure time.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Eco friendly, and green environment
  • 24/7 security facilities
  • Near the Jinnah International Airport


  • Huge perception of the plot rates
  • Location far from the main Karachi City


Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi is an eco-friendly housing project with an aim to provide a world-class luxurious lifestyle to its investors. Some of the other main features of this housing project are affordable payment plan, and ideal location. Estate Land Marketing would recommend that the real estate investors in Karachi have a golden opportunity to invest in this project for better returns. For more details, you may contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of experienced real estate agents that would discuss the benefits of this housing project with the potential investors in detail.


Q1: What is Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi?

It is an upcoming housing project in Karachi that aims to provide an environmentally sustainable housing facilities to its residents.

Q2: What is its NOC status?

This housing project has got the NOC approval by SBCA

Q3: What is the location of this Bin Ahsan Green City Karachi?

It is located at M9 Motorway right near to the Jinnah International Airport.

Q4: Who are the owners of this project?

Bin Ahsan Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd are the owners of this project.

Q5: Is it affordable?

Yes, the administration is offering the plots in this project through an easy installment plan.

Q6: Does this project guarantees high investment return?

Yes, the installment plans of this project are affordable, which attracts the attention of real estate investors. So, there is a huge chance of huge investment returns.


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