Blue World City Announced Waterfront District New Rates

Blue World City Announced Waterfront District New Rates

Water Front District

Waterfront District New Rates is one of the popular blocks in the community, with all the splendid and marvellous living standards accessible for future residents. Further, the best aspect of this blue world city block is that the developers create a unique infrastructure to make everyone luxuries. In addition, there will be the provision of artificial lakes and hilly terrain to give the vibe of international livelihood. Also, the block’s location will be another aspect that grabs the client’s attraction to making a sustainable investment. We know it will be close to the Islamabad International Airport and other significant landmarks. Now the officials have announced the new rates of the block, and here are its details.

NOC Status

The housing project has submitted all the documents the authorizers will soon accept. Moreover, the housing project will be approved under the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Furthermore, legitimacy is a vital aspect that helps investors create sustainable, profitable investments. The Waterfront District New Rates show that the prices are relatively low because of soon to be noc approval. Therefore, the right investment time is now, as after noc approval, the plot prices will rise.

Waterfront District New Rates

The developers of Blue World City have recently shared the latest payment plan details. Also, the rates are highly affordable with the instalment provision. Moreover, the rates include a manageable and payable down payment amount, where all investors from different backgrounds and occupations can make a valuable investment. Lastly, here are the waterfront payment plan details to get a better idea from the investment point of view.

Waterfront District New Rates

6 Marla Plot Price

The six marla residential plots at Waterfront District Block are affordable and have a highly payable total amount. Therefore, giving the total amount in chunks will be another factor that will further facilitate the investors in creating a profitable investment. The other six marla price specifications are:

  • The six marlas total registration cost is PKR 2,100,000/-.
  • PKR 175,000/- is the downpayment of the plot.
  • The 6 Marla plot confirmation price is 105,000/-.
  • There will be PKR 21,000/- 40 monthly instalments.
  • Lastly, eight half-yearly instalments are PKR 122,500/-.

12 Marla Plot Payment plan

The 12-marla plot for sale in the community is highly affordable, with all the living and investing benefits for the investors. Also, the investors will mesmerize by the easy instalment provisions available in the community for everyone. Lastly, the specifics of the payment plan are these.

  • 12 Marla plot total cost is PKR 3,780,000/-.
  • PKR 315,000/- will be the downpayment of the respective plot size.
  • The confirmation amount of the plot is PKR 189,000/-.
  • PKR 37,800/- are the 40 monthly instalments.
  • Lastly, 220,500 PKR is the eight-half-yearly instalment rate.

18 Marla Plot Price

The 18-marla plot size is popular and in most demand property size. There will be an international standard living experience accessible at highly reasonable rates, with easily payable instalments. Here are other elaborative details.

  • The total payable amount of the plot is the PKR 5,040,000/-.
  • PKR 420,000/- is the easiest payable downpayment of the 18 marla plot.
  • The investors have to pay the PKR 252,000/- as the confirmation amount of the plot.
  • The investors have a 40 monthly instalments provision of PKR 50,400/-.
  • Lastly, the eight half-yearly instalments are PKR 294,000/-.

5 Marla Commercial Price

Commercial properties are one of the favourite properties accessible to all future residents and investors where they can start any business venture they wish. So, investment at waterfront Block will be worthwhile to attain high investment returns.

  • The total registration cost of the five marla commercials is PKR 9,600,000/-.
  • A manageable downpayment amount is also available, PKR 800,000/-.
  • PKR 480,000/- is the confirmation of the commercial plot.
  • The 40 monthly instalments are PKR 96,000/-.
  • Lastly, eight half-yearly instalments are PKR 560,000/-


The Waterfront District New Rates are now highly affordable, and the instalment provision is also feasible. Moreover, the developers are offering the best possible amenities in the community, like the artificial lake, scenic views and world-class features. Also, the location of the residential community is in a prime location that is highly accessible. The housing scheme has recently shared the new plot for sale prices, and they are highly feasible and instalments. In addition, the payment plan includes the residential and commercial plot price specifications. Lastly, the related other payment plans are available on the Estate Land Marketing website, so keep checking with them and gain valuable information.

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