Blue World City File Transfer Guide

Blue World City File Transfer Guide


The process of Blue World City file transfer is simple, seamless and authentic. Moreover, the procedure of booking in real estate coming with high expectations of a much more secure, long-lasting and impeccable future. Therefore, choosing the reliable, experienced and most facilitated housing venture comes down to choosing. Moreover, only a few societies in Pakistan offer a gamut of needed, wanted and futuristic facilities. Blue World City comes among the top when it comes to doing incredible groundwork, offering international level facilities, planning out the execution with great perfection and a whole lot more. And that too in the most affordable, economic and feasible payment plan.

Among the series of providing impeccable services, the entire booking process and all the related aspects should be seamless. However, Blue World City makes sure that the whole booking, file transfer, installment period and more are planned after considering investors’ interest and ease.

File Transfer

Regarding booking and file transfer, here’s what it stands for. Moreover, in the real estate industry, the terminology/term of file translates to the process of booking completion. It is the documented version of a certain piece of land assigned to an individual/investor’s name.

The process, however, follows up through a proper step. It includes all the payment fulfillment of the down payment, from price and other needed formalities. The file finally transfers to the investors, followed by the thorough and fixed installment plan unless the investor chooses the lump sum mode of payment.

Blue World City

The housing society, Blue World City Islamabad, is a gigantic venture in twin cities. Therefore, local and overseas investors are taking the opportunity hands-on. Moreover, the trust, belief and assurance from the investors are also important. Because the developers of the society, Blue Group of Companies, have been in the real estate service for longer than 2-decades.

Every service the firm offers, in all niches and industries, along with or without real estate, is just next to perfection and excellence. Therefore, people’s expectations and hopes with Blue World City is too rising, creating the deserving hype and skyrocketing. We, however, will tap on all the related information regarding the Blue World City file transfer process and more.

Blue World City File Transfer process

Blue World City is one of the most nuanced and splendid choices when investing in the real estate market. It is because there are a whole lot of services that it offers, including the smooth file transfer procedure, authentic Blue World City verification and more. Moreover, the facilities, services and offers sure have a lot of upgrades and are one of a kind and perfect. But along with that is the exceedingly easy, simple and seamless file transfer process. Therefore, it not only makes the investors’ life easier but also facilitates it.

  • First and foremost, the investors submit the application file. It then translates to the notion that they are interested in buying a particular piece of land.
  • It is followed up by paying the down payment, form price and all other needed documents for the initial phase.
  • After completing all required proceedings, it takes a few days for the Blue World City file transfer to be complete and reach back to the investors. For the days, it takes around 35 to 40 days.
  • The banks specified for Blue World City are UBL and Meezan. The investors cannot opt for any other bank outlet or branch.

File Features

After knowing the entire period of how long it takes for the Blue World City file transfer process, we break down all the things in the file that eventually reach the investors.

  • The file contains a set of deposit slips of the respective banks (UBL and Meezan for BWC) that the society is allowing the investors to pay their monthly installment. Moreover, there’s a proper bank account allocation for each investor right after the booking goes through.
  • In addition, the official file which gets transferred has all the information about the investors in computerized form, making it an official document properly.
  • Apart from that, the file also contains all the schedules of the installment plan for the investors respectively. The details and all the fixed dates for the investors will be in the file. The dates, however, are not replaceable and shall not be compromisable.


The entire Blue World City file transfer process is seamless, simple and easy. In addition, what matters even more critically is that the thorough needs to be authentic. It is precisely what the Blue World City process stands for. However, we also advise all investors to do prior research before putting their hard-earned money to ignore all future inconveniences. Estate Land Marketing, however, is a highly-skilled, experienced and authentic firm that provides advice and guidance and even makes the booking.

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