Blue World City Balloting Date Announced

Blue World City Balloting Date Announced


Blue World City balloting will be held on 1st Ramzan 2023. The blocks included in the balloting will be general, overseas, Awami, and waterfront blocks. In addition, the offer will be valid from 13 February to 23 February 2023. So, investors should take advantage of this ballot and create a sustainable investment opportunity in the community. Moreover, to help future investors and residents make a profitable investment, the blog includes the details of each block in depth. Thus, keep reading and get the desired information.

Blue World City

The Blue World City Islamabad is the first purpose-built housing project developing in the country. Moreover, the developers are working day and night diligently to get the desired results. Most importantly, the housing project includes numerous properties that will make the investors vigilant in making their dream investments. Similarly, the payment plans will also range in a broad category where the decision to invest here will become smooth and easy. Another aspect of making an asset here is that the ideal location will be on Chakri Road, M2 Motorway. Therefore, the investors can make a perfect investment opportunity here.

Blue World City Blocks Balloting

The balloting of Blue World City Blocks details is available at this block, giving all investors an idea about the investment opportunity here. So, continue reading and get the latest ballot details.

General Block

Blue World City General Block is a famous block in the housing project. In addition, the space includes both residential and commercial investment opportunities for its investors. Most importantly, the developers offer affordable global living standards to everyone. As per the newest notice, it will be the 5th general block announcement. At the same time, the last date for the qualification here will be 23 February. The officials have also announced the qualification criteria. Indicates that all the clients who have cleared 90 percent of the land cost can be part of the balloting. Lastly, the other details can be accessible by contacting our professional real estate consultants. So, without hesitation, contact us today.

Overseas Block

Blue World City Overseas Block is overseas investors’ best real estate opportunity. Moreover, all investors living abroad usually look for the investment that helps make their high return on investment. Therefore, the block will have the provision of numerous premium-quality properties. The master of the overseas block includes seven marlas to 2 kanal plots. As per the official statement, this will be the fourth ballot here. The qualification criteria are to clear 75% of the land cost to be part of the ballot. Lastly, consult with our professional realtors to get the latest and in-depth details of the poll.

Awami Block

As the name implies, the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex will have affordable rates for all investors. Moreover, several properties will be available here with international standards amenities for everyone. Most importantly, this will be the first Awami block balloting so investors can gain better investment deals. In addition, the officials have announced the qualification criteria for all investors. According to this, the 4.5 Marla plots registration that has cleared the 50% land cost via APR or cash payments will be part of the ballot. Further, for 3 and 3.5, marla plots that will remove the 50 percent land cost via cash payment will be part of the first Awami ballot. Lastly, there will be details available for all investors, which they can get by contacting the expert team of estate land marketing.

Waterfront Block

The Waterfront District Block is one of Blue World City’s unique blocks. The area will provide artificial lakes, and a hilly terrain surrounding that will uplift the living style of all investors. Moreover, there are properties available from 6 to 18 Marla. In addition, this will be the first ballot of the waterfront block. Further, the qualification criteria here will be the clearance of 50% of the land cost.

Further, the last date for the qualification will be 23 February 2023. So, without delay investing here will yield many prospects for all investors. Lastly, the Estate land marketing team will professionally guide its investors to be part of this balloting.


Blue World City balloting will soon happen, a green signal for all the investors to create a sustainable and profitable investment opportunity in the community. Moreover, the blocks included in the balloting will be general, Awami, overseas, and waterfront blocks. Further, their details are available in the blog. In addition, all investors must collect complete authentic info before joining the ballot. Estate Land Marketing will be the best option for gaining the best knowledge from professional real estate agents. So, contact our experienced team and create a worthwhile investment opportunity in the community.

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