Cantt boards urged to accelerate work on uplift projects

Cantt boards urged to accelerate work on uplift projects

Cantt boards urged to accelerate work on uplift projects. The new station commander has urged the Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonment boards to promote good administration and neighborliness.

Additionally, he established rules aimed at enhancing administrative and financial discipline and boosting recovery.

Brigadier Salman Nazir, President of the Cantonment, met with the heads of the branches of both cantonment boards and stated that the priority should be resolving public issues.

He also inquired about the performance of several departments, emphasising the importance of boosting performance.

The president stated that encroachments should be removed, revenue collection increased, unlawful projects halted, building plans should be approved on schedule, and public objections should be addressed.

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He also issued instructions to ensure that ongoing development projects are completed on time and with the highest possible quality.

Nazar stated that any unauthorized water connections should be terminated and those cantonment areas should be immaculately clean.

He also directed that all pending concerns be resolved.

Meanwhile, the election commission has announced the winners of the reserved cantonment board seats. The elections for vice presidents will now take place.

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