SC will examine contempt plea about the Balakot City project's delay

SC will examine contempt plea about the Balakot City project’s delay

SC will examine a contempt plea about the New Balakot City project’s delay. The Supreme Court accepted a contempt petition against the federal and provincial governments on Thursday for failing to carry out its instructions over the building of the New Balakot City housing project.

The hearing’s schedule will be announced following the conclusion.

The development comes after Justice Sardar Tariq Masood of the single-member bench disregarded the court’s registrar’s objections to the case of survivors of the 2005 Balakot tehsil earthquake.

The court directed that the petition be scheduled for a normal hearing.

SC overrules quake sufferers’ petition.
Meanwhile, Advocate Munir Hussain Lughmani appeared before the court to defend Shiraz Mehmood Qureshi, the representative of the earthquake-affected people.

According to him, the federal and provincial administrations have failed to comply with a court judgment issued on Jan. 7, 2019, requiring the New Balakot city housing project completion within 30 months.

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Mr Lughmani stated that the court had urged Erra and other relevant authorities to work accordingly with a memorandum of understanding signed by Erra and other departments with representatives of the 2005 tragedy survivors to create the New Balakot City. Additionally, it directed that Rs1 billion be released for the purpose.

The lawyer noted that both the federal and provincial governments had failed to comply with the court’s instructions, resulting in the prolonged misery of the families uprooted by the earthquake 16 years ago.

ARRESTED: The police have apprehended approximately 70 men sought murder, attempted murder, and other offences in the district.

Sajjad Khan, district police officer, told reporters here Thursday that a crackdown on criminals and land grabbers was underway, with 71 proclaimed offenders arrested.

He stated that six lawsuits against land grabbers were filed following the recovery of occupied land and other valuables.

According to the DPO, the police have referred 122 applications to dispute resolution committees during the last couple of weeks, with 92 being dismissed.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences hosted an Iqbal Day seminar.

The speakers emphasized poet Allama Mohammad Iqbal’s concept of a separate homeland for the Indian subcontinent’s Muslims and emphasized the importance of educating the youth about it.

The event, attended by teachers, students, and others, also included speech, painting, drawing, and quiz challenges. Trophies and awards were presented to pupils who demonstrated exceptional performance.

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