CDA holds a vote on Sector C plots

CDA holds a vote on Sector C plots

Islamabad: On Tuesday, January 17, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) held a drawing for 411 plots to give them to people who live in Sarai Khurbuza, Sara-e-Madhu in Sector C, and Sangjani, according to news sources.

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The landowners whose land CDA bought to build Sectors C-14, C-15, and C-16 won the right to keep their land through the ballot. Sources say that the government has given 33 plots of land in Sector C-14, 242 plots in Sector C-15, and 136 plots in Sector C-16. Software made by the National Database and Registration Authority was used to count the votes (NADRA).

It is important to know that the development of Sectors C-14, C-15, and C-16 is part of a larger plan by the CDA to expand and modernise the city. The authority has been working for several years to buy land and pay people who will be affected by the development. This most recent vote is a big step forward in the city’s ongoing process of growing and getting better.

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