Margalla Avenue will open to traffic soon

Margalla Avenue will open to traffic soon

Islamabad: Captain (ret.) Muhammad Usman Younis, chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), said that Margalla Avenue will soon be open to traffic. This was reported in the leading newspaper on January 19.

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Younis, the chairman of the CDA, posted a video update on the progress of Margalla Avenue. He hinted that the long-awaited road will soon be open to traffic, but he didn’t say when it would be ready. Based on the details, the way Margalla Avenue is coming along shows that the project is almost done.

Margalla Avenue is a 33-kilometer-long highway in the Margalla hills, which are outside of Islamabad. It is an alternative to the Srinagar Highway and will make the N-5 National Highway easy to reach. This road is an important part of the Rawalpindi Ring Road because it will connect Sangjani (N-5 National Highway) to Bhara Kahu (Murree Expressway).

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