CDA will offer pre-approved housing plans

CDA will offer pre-approved housing plans

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has launched a project to simplify the construction of houses by supplying pre-approved building plans, according to September 5 news reports in the national dailies.

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Mohammad Anwarul Haq presided over a meeting of the CDA Board in which sanction was granted. In addition, it was resolved that the relevant department of the CDA will compile a comprehensive booklet within eight weeks. This publication will include approved building plans for various lot sizes, making it simpler for citizens to begin construction projects. In addition, the board has initiated efforts to resurrect the commission tasked with revising the city’s master plan.

In another significant step, the CDA board has instructed the authority to approach the federal government to establish a dedicated commission for the revision of the master plan. Originally developed in 1960, the master plan mandates revisions every two decades. To date, however, there have been no substantial revisions, with only sporadic modifications made by successive governments.

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