Average appreciation of real estate per year

Average appreciation of real estate per year

Real Estate Market appreciation translates to many things and we are going to tap into all of them. In addition, people often wonder about many real estate markets facets that can help them make an even more wise and lucrative investment choice.

So, in this particular blog, we are going to walk you through the average appreciation of real estate per year, what it is? However, how the masses can understand it more comfortably? Now, before going ahead, let’s understand that the word appreciation in real estate refers to the value or worth of any property being increased.  So, we will talk and discourse over the phenomenon in the same capacity. So, here we go.

What is Home Appreciation in Real Estate?

The term home appreciation, as mentioned before, is when the value of any property increases over time. Now, that progression could be of any form or state. It could either be slow or fast-paced or come via come benefit the property in any way.

For example, a property on rent may benefit the owner slowly and at large too. So, now, let’s talk about how the phenomenon of Real Estate Market appreciation impacts throughout the year. Not to forget that it also has a huge impact on many other sectors and departments of the industry – as per the keen real estate analysis.

Real Estate Market appreciation

Now, on to the major and key topic of the discussion which is about Real Estate Market appreciation – here is how it goes on average along with the yearly reports that come out.

Variable Home Appreciation

What a buyer will agree on buying a property is what defines the appreciation of that home/property. So, there are many factors that it relies on. From the location, market trends, condition of the property, the commercial value of the area, and a lot more.

So, based on that, the appreciation which is the raised value or worth, depends on them. While we are at it, it is also important to note that home appreciation also impacts or rather strengthens equity. The equity is of the owner.

Home Values Vs Appreciation

Now, there is a difference between home values and its appreciation. Home value is what the original value and worth get set while the appreciation is the increased value. It is also important that with the increase in home value, home appreciation is not guaranteed.

How often does home appreciation occur?

The average appreciation of real estate per year varies with time. Looking at the stats and figures, it is believed that the appreciation or the raise in a property’s value has been high. We will look at the recent past and the stats to figure out where the Pakistan real estate forecast 2023 might be going.

So, here is the average Real Estate Market appreciation for the years 2021 and 2022.

  • From April 2021 to April 2022, the increase seen in the market was around 18.8%.

It shall also be noted that this is the historic highest average home value increase. Which proves a whole lot of things. For example, the fact that with these stats, the future of the Real Estate Market adjustment will just be brighter and more pleasant.

Factors impacting Real Estate Market appreciation

Now, that we have looked into the estimation of how the next year or the ones coming after it will be for the real estate market appreciation. As we said earlier there are multiple factors including the PropTech market, appreciation evaluation, and much more. So, we will talk about some of the factors that impact the appreciation phenomenon.

Regional Difference

One of the biggest reasons why the average raise in home appreciation varies is because of the region. One region might generate more appreciation while the other lacks. So, the commercialization, business, demand, trends, and much more is what creates a huge difference.

Economic Image

The instability of the economy of a country makes it one of the reasons for where real estate stands. So, keeping that in mind, we can gauge the situation and what could be the future.

Supply & Demand

In any profession and field, the services are supplied on the basis of demands. So, the more the demand is, the more market appreciation will happen. So, the average real estate market appreciation is likely to happen.


We talked about the very phenomenon of property appreciation and how often it occurs on an average basis. So, we also peeked into the old stats and how often is it likely to happen in the near future too. That is the precise reason why an investor should always go for background research in order to make a wise investment. In any way, Estate Land Marketing is here to guide you further.

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