Construction, consulting license renewal deadlines extended

Construction, consulting license renewal deadlines extended

A news source said on October 14 that the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has approved a “amnesty scheme” for construction and consulting firms. Under this plan, the deadline to renew licenses has been moved back. It was said that the decision was made at a meeting of the PEC of the Management Committee.

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The amnesty plan was put forward by PEC Vice Chairman Sindh Engineer Mukhtiar Sheikh, and the management committee agreed with him. Under this amnesty plan, companies that couldn’t renew their licenses can do so by paying 10% of last year’s fee and the full fee for this year by December 31, 2022.

The vice chairman said that COVID-19, the financial crisis, global inflation, and the recent floods have all caused the construction industry in the country to lose a lot of money. Taking these things into account, the council has decided to help the construction industry.

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