Consultant directed to conclude RRR’s third-party validation

Consultant directed to conclude RRR’s third-party validation

Rawalpindi: According to July 17 news reports, the divisional administration has instructed the consultant to expedite the third-party validation procedure for the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) project.

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According to the specifics, a Turkish-Pakistani joint venture has been designated the task of third-party validation, and their evaluation is expected to be completed by July 30.

The goal is to finalize the route selection by the end of July so that the government can begin work on this major infrastructure project. Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha presided over a meeting to assess the project’s progress. In attendance were Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) General Director Saif Anwar Jappa and NESPAK representatives.

The Punjab administration will employ consultants for the Rawalpindi Ring Road

Supposedly, the original alignment plan for 2020 envisioned a 66,3-kilometer Ring Road with a budget of 64 billion Pakistan Rupees flowing from Rawat Radio Pakistan to Thalian and continuing to Sangjani. However, the revised alignment for 2021 includes a 38.3-kilometer-long controlled access road. The road will begin at the National Highway (N-5) in Baanth, cross Chakbeli Road, Adiala Road, and Chakri Road, and end at the M-2 interchange at Thallian Interchange. The estimated total cost of the project is PKR 33.7 billion, of which PKR 27 billion will be allocated for construction and PKR 6.7 billion for land acquisition.

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