DC Multan initiates an investigation into encroachments

DC Multan initiates an investigation into encroachments

According to August 2 news reports, Multan Deputy Commissioner (DC) Omar Jehangir presided over a meeting where a decisive measure was taken to combat encroachments throughout the district on Tuesday. The meeting in question endorsed a zero-tolerance policy for encroachments, demonstrating the administration’s commitment to addressing the issue of unauthorized construction in the city.

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During the meeting, the DC issued explicit instructions to take immediate action against encroachers in specific areas, including Nishtar Road, Gardezi Market, Mumtazbad, and Old Shujabad Road. In order to supervise the anti-encroachment campaign, officials from the Multan Development Authority, Municipal Corporation, and District Council have formed joint teams.

Permanent and temporary encroachments will be eliminated as part of this initiative, and the highways will be painted red to deter future violations. The objective of the campaign is to restore public spaces and preserve the district’s infrastructure.

During his address, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the significance of complete cooperation from both merchants and residents. Their cooperation and support will be crucial to the success of the anti-encroachment campaign, which will ultimately benefit the entire community by fostering a well-organized and obstruction-free district.

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