Discussing declaring Sindh and New York sister states

Discussing declaring Sindh and New York sister states

A news source said on May 2 that Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori and New York State Assembly Deputy Speaker Phil Ramos have been talking to come up with a plan that will make Sindh and New York “sister states.” The plan will set up a strong framework for collaboration and partnership between the two states, making it easier for universities, research centers, and hospitals to work together.

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There was a meeting to talk about how far along the plan was. A group from the New York State Assembly is likely to go to Sindh soon to look into the possibility of making the sister-state relationship official. The news source said that after the visit, a resolution will be put forward in both assemblies to make Sindh and New York formal sister states.

Also, the sister-state relationship will be good for both places because they are both commercial towns on the coast. The suggested partnership will start a new era of working together, with benefits for education, culture, and the economy.

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