Government buildings and streetlights to green energy by CDA

Government buildings and streetlights to green energy by CDA

Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis, chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), said on November 9 that all government buildings and streetlights in the city should be switched to green energy.

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In this case, the authority will hire a consultant to find and pick places where clean and green energy equipment can be installed. After that, a financial feasibility assessment will be made. The chairman of the authority also told the relevant departments to make a Project Concept-II (PC-II) as soon as possible and bring it to the next meeting for approval. He went on to say that clean and green energy projects are the most important thing the country needs right now and that the CDA would modernise itself and do everything it could to convert all street lights and CDA offices to this initiative.

Separately, CDA Chairman Younas gave orders for a huge operation in the city to stop people from moving onto state land. In this way, CDA teams and police officers started to work in Mouza Kuri Dhok Balag, an area of Islamabad where the land mafia was trying to take over government land without permission. By tearing down the four walls built on CDA land, the operation gave the CDA back 60 kanals of land.

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