How to get Blue World City QR Code Verification

How to get Blue World City QR Code Verification


Blue World City Islamabad is one of the innovative housing project currently under construction in Islamabad. It will be one of the most inexpensive project with best housing features. Many of real estate business experts think that the entire project has a potential to totally change Islamabad’s overall housing infrastructure. The owners have made it easier for their investors to book the plots through blue world city qr code verification. Some of the significant IT factors about this project is blue world city virtual tour, and online application process.

Owners and Developers

The developers of Blue World City Islamabad are Blue group of companies, who have partnered with famous Chinese company named Shah Jian Municipal Engineering. Both of these construction entities have a previously delivered some successful developmental project for their stakeholders. Chaudhry Saad Nazir, the man behind blue group has a vision to change the real estate sector with outclass features. He is trying his best to get more of the investment from Overseas Pakistanis. The developers behind this housing project want to provide an innovative living style to their clients.

Location and Map

The real estate investors planning to invest their money on a particular real estate entity do consider location factor initially. They are eager spend their capital on a place, where there would be beauty, and smooth accessibility. The new Blue World City location update shows that the entire project would be locatable near M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway at Chakri Road. The best benefit for the inhabitants of Blue World city would be its proximity to Islamabad Airport. Apart from that, it is also only few kms away from under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. The best thing about the location of this project is that it is situated near the beautiful mountains.

Blue world city qr code

Nowadays, a qr code is the most innovative technique for registration or booking of plots. It involves only a single click to go ahead with the investment. As per the recent update, the Blue World City qr code verification falls under the jurisdiction of Lahore Development authority. The LDA authorities have included all kind of information about this housing project in their portal with this qr code. The investors of blue world city can view the qr code on the official website of Blue World City and LDA.

LDA has further recommended to the public to scan their qr codes before buying any plots in this housing project. The only reason behind such move is to prevent illegal housing societies to scam real estate investors. It is very important for the investors of blue world city to avoid any other means of qr code. The best thing about the qr code registration is that it is only one click registration process.


Blue World City qr code registration process is one of the innovative means for the registration of plots. It is also helpful in helping the investors of this housing project to avoid any fraud. Such innovative move would be very helpful in getting more trust by the real estate investors. Also, the investors would save their time by not travelling to meet the blue world city developers for registration.  As the housing project is about get finished, so the investors have a good chance to buy plots now. Otherwise, the plots would get more expensive after the completion, and the investors won’t be able to get plots at reasonable rates. If you are interested in getting more details about qr registration, then you may visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our housing agents and marketing representatives are familiar with every pros and cons of this housing project.  

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