How to do virtual tour of Blue World City

How to do virtual tour of Blue World City


Blue World City Islamabad is one of the under construction top notch housing project in Islamabad. This project is set to become one of the most affordable projects that would change the overall infrastructure of Islamabad. Some of the real estate specialists in Islamabad are of view that this project can become a gamechanger in real estate business. The owners of this project have introduced innovative booking features like online certificates, and application form. One of their latest innovative booking method is blue world city virtual tour.

Owners and Developers

The developers who are working for such outclass projects are Blue group of companies, and a famous Chinese entity named Shah Jian Municipal Engineering. Both of these entities have a history of providing successful construction ventures to their clients. Chaudhry Saad Nazir, the president of blue group has plans to transform the entire real estate sector of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He believes that he can generate more of the real estate investment from Overseas Pakistanis. The owners of Blue World City have introduced a unique living lifestyle to their investors.

Location and Map

The investors planning to invest their financial capital on any real estate entity would consider location factor as initial step. They prefer to spend their money on a place, which is full of beauty with innovative features. The new update of this housing project shoes that entire project would be locatable near M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway at CPEC route. The main advantage for the inhabitants of this housing project would be it closeness to main Islamabad Airport. Apart from that, the entire project is adjacent to an under construction huge Rawalpindi Ring Road. The entire project is situated at Chakri road right beneath the lush mountains and valleys.

Blue world city virtual tour

Virtual tours of different construction project are something that visitors can check to get overview of the project. Such tour includes features like the sizes of the building, and the place of its location. The developers of this housing project have enabled a latest feature called Blue World City Virtual tour. They had made this possible by making a separate account for it in their website portal. The real estate representatives are personally giving every guidance regarding the virtual tour to their investors.

The virtual tours of this housing project would be helpful in providing overall glimpse of the entire housing project. One can also share those tours in the social media accounts. The developers have also updated about the virtual tour through the official YouTube channel of this housing project. The virtual tour of this project would offer unique concept with the help of guides available. The would be able to check some other options too, which results in differentiation of entire project from rival projects. It might be very helpful for the investors to get help with virtual tour through Blue World City UAN number.


Blue World City Virtual tour is one of the innovative facility by the developers to ensure client satisfaction. The plots of this housing project would also be visible in that particular tour, where investors would analyze their plots. The plots of this housing project are inexpensive to be considered for residential and investment gains. With the help of virtual tour, the customers might be able to experience their plots. They would be able to make better decisions of themselves in such immersive environment. It would be really helpful in saving time, as the investors would not feel any need to tour the site by themselves. Such innovative IT solution is helpful in getting more investment in coming days. If you have developed an interest to buy plots here, you should visit Estate Land Marketing for once.  

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