What is blue world city uan number

What is blue world city uan number

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the under-construction housing projects in the federal capital of Islamabad. It is expected to become one of the most affordable projects with innovative housing features. Some of the real estate experts in Islamabad think that it has a huge potential to fully transform the entire look of this city. The owners are making it really simple for their investors to book their plots through Blue World City UAN number. Some of the other easy registration processes for this housing project include online registration and application status. This real estate project can be further separated into other divisions like orbital flats, Awami complex, and the waterfront sector.

Owners & Developers

The developers, who are behind such world-class projects are the Blue Group of companies, along with a famous Chinese firm called Shah Jian Municipal Engineering. Both of these development ventures have a record of delivering fruitful construction projects to their investors. Chaudhry Saad Nazir, the Blue World City CEO aims to change the real estate business of Islamabad with such an innovative project. He hopes that he may get more real estate investment from Overseas Pakistanis. The entire real estate project has the capacity to provide something innovative to the real estate investors of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Location & Map

The real estate investors willing to invest their capital in any real estate company would consider the location as a primary factor. They look forward to spending their money on a place, that is full of beauty with innovative housing features. The recent location map of this project displays that it would be located at M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway near Chakri Road. The foremost benefit for the inhabitants of this place will be the nearness of this project to Islamabad Airport. Apart from that, it is also adjacent to under construction huge Rawalpindi Ring Road. The entire real estate project lies near some stunning hills and mountains, within the CPEC route. The location of this housing project is visible in Blue World City Google Earth footage, which also displays the Blue World City UAN number.

Blue World City UAN number

The UAN of any entity is a number resource that enables a service reach to a unique universal number. As per the latest update, a blue world city UAN number may be dialable from every area of Pakistan. The entire process would rely on proposed coverage by the investor without dialing the area code.

No one would be able to assign this number to two different businesses or equally exclusive public services. Every service provider who often allows UAN through its network would offer a tariff. It might be less expensive than the standard tariff available for different UAN public services. The overall process for UAN is identical to other numbers except that the candidates would forward their internet appeal for UAN without any additional charges. The UAN number of this housing project has its own uniqueness, which makes it different from other booking processes.


Blue World City UAN number is one of the innovative types of booking amenities to ensure that easy registration takes place. The owners have issued this number to businesses for the suitability of the companies, who have a reasonable quantity of business or inbound calls. They are a much more secure option, as they would enable huge trust in the owners. Such a ground-breaking booking solution has a huge possibility of gaining more real estate investments.  The entire housing project is near its accomplishment within the upcoming years.

Now, is a good chance for real estate investors to reserve their plots here swiftly without any problem. If you are looking to reserve your plots here, you should talk to representatives’ estate land marketing for more details. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing is here to provide all the booking details.

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