In the first Miyawaki forest, about 8,000 trees will bloom

In the first Miyawaki forest, about 8,000 trees will bloom

In the first Miyawaki forest, about 8,000 trees will bloom. The first Miyawaki forest project was planted on  Murree Road, Rialto Chowk. The Miyawaki Forest Beautification Project has also been launched due to its success, and it will be open to visitors and families in October.

In the Miyawaki forest along Murree Road, forty different fruit, shade, floral trees have been planted. These trees have now grown to a height of six to eight feet, with dozens of them reaching a height of ten feet.

In this lovely forest, new modern grass has been planted, and little paths have been created inside the woodland to function as pedestrian paths. Following that, a central entry gate to the forest will be built, with the Pothohar region’s culture prominently displayed.

Traditional Pothohar fruits such as kachnar (mountain ebony), Sohan Jan (drum stick), fig, plum, dried assyrian plum, grewia asiatica, olive, gooseberry, berry, phalai, pomegranate, beriberi, sang jalo, apple, patagin, guava, loquat, stone apple have also been planted, according to Chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority (RD In 2022, these fast-growing fruit trees will begin yielding fruit.

He further claimed that Nasir Mirza, the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce, had donated benches to the forest. Neither the government nor the RDA had spent a penny on the Miyawaki forest. This environmentally friendly initiative was funded entirely by traders, chambers of commerce and industry, and donations from Pakistani immigrants’ children living in the United States.

Miyawaki, according to the RDA chief, is the best jungle technique. They planted the forest in the first week of April. The plants have grown to a height of 8 to 10 feet in three and a half months.
The recent monsoon rains have accelerated their growth. The forest’s beautifying would be completed in the following two months. Birds will return to the trees once the forest has reached full bloom and will build colorful wooden nests in the trees.

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