Miyawaki forest establishes itself as a great success

Miyawaki forest establishes itself as a great success

The first Miyawaki forest that was grown on a lot of land in Rialto Square has been a huge hit. 8,500 plants have been spread across the forest. Around 6,000 of these are fruit plants that live in the Pothohar area. Fruits have also grown on the trees of Cordia myxa (Cordia myxa), including guavas, figs, mulberries, and Grunde. They can be ready to eat during Ramadan and in the next few months, so they can be used.

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It has more than 6,000 fruit trees, so the dense forest has become a place for birds to rest. A lot of birds have moved back to the forest. A lot of quails, Myanas, doves, and parrots have been coming to the area.

Families are also starting to go for walks in the Miyawaki forest. Among other things, this is because of the beautiful benches along the forest that draw a lot of people. People of all ages can sit on these benches to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Colourful lights have also been put in.

There are now four more Miyawaki forests in Rawalpindi because this one worked out well. Spring tree-planting is still going on, and these forests have been added to the list.

Pakistan Railways will grow one forest, and the Cantonment Board area has been chosen for a second forest to be grown. There will have to be a formal permission from both institutions before things go any further.

Birds will be able to breed in the dense forests during this time of year. There are small cages on the trees to protect the nests. There are beautiful wooden colours on these cages for the birds’ sake. This is how it works: As a bonus, they will also help Rawalpindi get rid of the environmental scourge.

The projects should be done in the next three months.

Aslam is a special adviser for climate change to the Prime Minister. He will open the forest this year. When the first Miyawaki Forest of Rawalpindi was finished, it was done by June of that year, which is 2021. According to the head of the RDA, Miyawaki is the best way to fight in the jungle. This forest was put together by us in the first week of April, 2021. There have been plants on it for three-and-a-half months. They have grown to a height of 8 to 10 feet. Monsoon rains have helped them grow even faster.

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