New CDA initiatives address land acquisition issues

New CDA initiatives address land acquisition issues

News sources said on October 3 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to help residents right at their homes. This is part of a new policy change that aims to solve the problems caused by land acquisition in different sectors.

Under the new policy, people whose land the CDA had bought for the sector development project would be given plots.

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Sources say that the CDA has put together a real estate team that will visit the homes of people in Chak Maujhan, Majamoa, and Chak Shahzad. A weekly schedule is being made to visit different Mouzas and lands that have been taken over to talk about concerns and issues with rehabilitation. In a similar way, the CDA has put together a team in the engineering wing to go to the affected areas and solve any problems. People complained about the development work in CDA’s Park Enclave II and III, which had hit snags. This led to the new rule. From what the CDA says, the authority owns 68% of Park Enclave II and 85% of Park Enclave III.


Captain (ret.) Usman Younis, who is in charge of the CDA, says that the move would improve land management and put an end to worries about delays in land transfers.


It’s important to remember that even though CDA has bought land from different people to build residential areas, it hasn’t yet set up a good way to give Build Up Property (BuP) awards. The current policy change is seen as a big step toward the development and repair of the Islamabad Master Plan, which was made in the 1960s.

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