Park View City total land Guide 2023

Park View City total land Guide 2023

Park View City total land stands tall for all kinds of geographical and investment diversity. It means that people from all kinds of backgrounds can dream, invest, and finally have a place which they can call their own. Moreover, before making an investment in real estate, one needs and wants all kinds of comforts and luxuries that can uplift their lifestyle. Well, that considered, it also has to be highly feasible so that people can afford.

That and much more is what Park View City offers along with fulfilling all the promises. We are going to talk about one of the most important facets of the Park View housing venture, which is none other than land that it occupies. How diversified, varying, and most importantly all the amenities that it will bring will be a part of this discourse. Therefore, keep reading to know more and get an idea which can help you make a smart investment choice.

Park view City Management

We feel the need to acknowledge all the utterly brilliant and magnificent efforts by the management of the society. It is under the banner of the Vison Group, a firm which has carved a name for themselves – well, all the past projects are a great example.

This time around too, the honorable CEO, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, has set an example way higher. The amenities, facilities, and facets are next to perfection, something that investors have rarely seen. Everything is truly of international-standard. Moreover, Park View City legal status is valid. Now, that we are on it, let’s dive into the Park View City total land, which is also attracting the attention from general masses, potential investors, and even stake holders.

Park View City Total Land

To talk about the land and its mega diversity, we will firstly talk about how the location of the society itself is one of the most talked about things. Now, Park View City resides on Malot Road – Zone IV. One of the most commercially centered and business oriented place. It not allows all the investors to have easy and seamless access to all kinds of basic life facilities, but the incredible boost to one’s professional is also incredible.

You can also visit the Park View City office and reaffirm anytime. Anyhow, here are some of the best nearby places;

  • Bhara Kahu
  • Zero Point
  • Murree Road
  • Kiani Road
  • Simply Road
  • Shakarparian National Park
  • Serena Hotel
  • Bahria Enclave Zoo

These are many more commercial places in the park view city total land which truly are paving the way in the most unprecedented manner.

Moreover, here are some of the accessible spots;

  • Kahuta Road – just 45 mins away
  • Islamabad International Airport – only 49 mins drive
  • Simply Road – just 3 mins
  • Srinagar Highway – only 25 mins drive
  • Kallar Syedan Road – 51 mins away
  • Kiani Road – 19 mins drive
  • Zero Point – just 25 mins drive
  • Rawat – Chakbeli Road – just 53 mins drive
  • Malot Road – 0 mins drive from the location.

Well, all this and more prove that Park View investment does give you one of the most ideal and impressive location. Therefore, all the investors are truly in good hands.

Total land – Details

For the Park View City total area details, the society occupies mega land which translates to all the pertinent blocks and sectors to be included. Now, Park View City has 7,500 Kanal to 14,000 Kanal land. Moreover, multiple blocks are in the society which acquire varying parts of this land. An investor before making an investment, can verify it through the Park View City virtual tour.

It includes residential, commercial, executive, and more. Well, now that we know the diversity of the land, it is also important to mention that on each side of the society, the sheer serenity, calm, and impeccable surroundings are just pure sights. So, all the investors living in any parts of the society can enjoy a living area which is incredibly beautiful and magnificent.


Park View City is all about lifestyles which is high-end, falls under the international standards, and fulfills the dreams of an ideal living. Something that any other housing society in Pakistan rarely gives. So, from the location stand point, payment plan, master plan to incredible facilities, one is fully covered. We recommend making a wise and timely decision of making an ideal investment in the society. It will not save your future but will also guarantee you a perfect balance of a happy personal and professional lifestyles. Keep following Estate Land Marketing to get the needed and wanted updates.

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